A couple of love stories, a letter and a couple of poems so I won’t forget her, by JM. Enriquez

He describes himself as “a normal boy, with a lot of passion and a special way of seeing, understanding and painting with words”. JM. Henriques, author of
A few love stories, a letter and a few poems so that I don’t forget her (2021), believes that his work, A Song of Love, “is the result of the accumulated baggage of feelings, disappointments and moments as unique as their own and those of others”.

– Do you remember the first book you read? And the first story you wrote?

The first book I read was a history of the Indians by Manuel Lafuente Estefania. And as an answer I wrote

– What were your literary references?

Alberto Vazquez Figueroa, Antonio Machado, Rosalia de Castro, Benito Perez Galdos, Sarah Lark, Gustavo Adolfo Becker…

– How did the proposal to mix three such different styles in your work come about?

Because of this obsession to read three books at the same time, completely different.

– What is the taste of “Drunken Time”, the story with which the book begins?

It has a taste of life that is drunk quickly and given up, accepting a «mea culpa», but above all it has a taste of social rebuke, arising from a lifestyle in which it is easy to fall into this begging that is not seen, but we can all suffer this at some point in our lives in its various versions and forms.

– «Beauty» is for JM. Enriquez…

What attracts us, what fertilizes us, what seduces us. What we all want, we crave passionately, even though no one can possess it or keep it.

– Do you believe, as it is said in one of your poems, that «between love and boredom there is a thin thread»?

Yes, just like between life and death and every “ultimate” moment. Therefore, you need to weave and spin well.

– «There are lost loves that prepare the way to this love, sincere and reciprocal». How to recognize true love?

If it appears to you, you will no doubt recognize it. True love is always there when it kisses you, it doesn’t pull away from you, and every touch is slow, smooth, like silk, and never, ever pulls away. The point is that if something like this or something similar arises in your life, you are capable of evaluating and appreciating it.

– What is the role of your mother in your life, “my angel, my lighthouse in the fog that doesn’t let me see myself”?

Everything! Life, love, respect, devotion, unreserved devotion to her children, whom she loved more than herself.

– “On the day I left, light luggage and no suitcases…”. Would you like…?

A handkerchief in my pocket, that I may wipe away your tears for the pain inflicted, my love.

– In «Carta de amor» it is recognized that «it is no longer time for lyrics». What do you think of the current publishing scene?

At least this shows the degree of reading in our country, the new forms of publishing and distribution that give opportunities for unknown authors and their proposals, but always insufficient in terms of cultural media. I think this is more of a problem of interpersonal and social communication than of the “lyrical” itself.

– What are the best “moments” experienced in your literary career and the worst that you went through to become known to readers?

Without a doubt, my first book fair in my city of Pontevedra and in Madrid were impressive.

The worst was the indifference of the media, press and radio, to facilitate the introduction of an author who is outside the traditional circuit with a new proposition, or at least a different one.

– We know that you are currently immersed in a new adventure: a novel set in the 1970s. What will you surprise us with?

I hope and hope to “surprise” the reader. The next novel will take place in the 1970s and 1980s, in the world of la movida, which was not only from Madrid, where a generation, mine, paid the price for “Freedom without anger”: drugs, unwanted pregnancy , abortions, crime … For the rest, I hope to finish it in the spring of next year. It will be a story of teenage love, the kind that sticks like gum to a shoe and there is no way…

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A few love stories, a letter and a few poems so that I don’t forget her, by JM. Enriquez. Calligram. Seville. 2021. 275 p.

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