They release the marriage officiant who was killed in their house in Vicente Lopez

The employee of the married couple killed two weeks ago in their house at Vicente Lopez’s party in Buenos Aires, and who was detained on suspicion of “delivering” the fact, was released today by a bail judge who found the new evidence presented according to the file, the initial hypothesis about the participation of the accused in the act “seems to be dropped”.

This is Maria Ninfa “Nina” Aquino Chamorro (64), of Paraguayan nationality, who worked for 12 years in the house of victims Jose Enrique Del Rio (74) and Maria Mercedes Alonso (72) and spent 13 days in custody, accused of “necessary participant” in the double-aggravated murder, until today San Ysidro Bail 1 Judge Ricardo Costa ordered his release following a request from his defense.

Although the judge recalled in his resolution that two weeks ago there were elements of suspicion about Aquino’s involvement in the event, now a new hypothesis emerges from the investigation that distinguishes her.

“As a result of the actions of the representatives of the prosecutor’s office assigned to the case, numerous elements have been incorporated that build an evidentiary plexus that clearly allows us to notice an investigative hypothesis different from the prevailing one at the moment. for dictating the measure of personal coercion weighing upon Maria Ninfa Aquino Chamorro,” explains Judge Costa.

The judge added that “the new evidence attached to the digital file seems to dispel, even within the uncertainty typical at this stage, the initial hypothesis of the prosecution regarding the participation of Mrs. Aquino Chamorro in the events under investigation to which reference is made.” .

“These conditions, checked in due course, have disappeared or at least greatly diminished in their sentencing unit,” the judge concluded, and then arranged to make room for a presentation that the defendant’s lawyer, Hugo López Caribero, made last Friday. “terminating the coercive measure” and today ordered the “immediate release” of the Del Rio employee who was detained at the San Ysidro Women’s Police Department.

Lopez Caribero agreed with the magistrate’s decision and announced that tomorrow at 8 a.m. his client Aquino will hold a press conference at his law office located at 2584 Monseñor Marcón Street in the city of San Justo in Buenos Aires, La Matanza district.

Vicente López’s three prosecutors working on the case are Martín Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria.

Prosecutors arrested the employee in the early hours of August 26, a few hours after the bodies were discovered, due to a series of contradictions and strange attitudes she had before, during and after she herself discovered the bodies of her employers.

According to the sources, he told investigators that when he arrived at the house, the mess in the living room and other rooms did not attract his attention because the couple was about to move into an apartment in the Nunez neighborhood, although several rooms were and there was even a bullet that went through the pillow, was stuck in the parquet of the living room, and whose proffered scabbard she took from a rug.

According to the woman, she arrived at the house at 6:50 a.m. and just minutes before 9 a.m. became concerned that the couple had not come down for breakfast, despite the fact that she also saw that dinner was intact, a plate of broccoli and artichokes that she had left cooked for the night before.

In addition, when the woman saw that the couple was killed in the car, she turned off the light in the garage, locked the door, hung them on the key ring, told the children and began to clean the house.

Another indication was that a reddish “Prune” brand wallet was seized from Aquino’s house, where one of the victims’ children said his mother kept the key to the safe.

A deleted photo of this same wallet was found on his cell phone, although the defense argued first that he had it at home because his employer gave it to him, and then that he once lost it with 2,000 pesos and when he found it , photographed him to notify his daughter-in-law who appeared.

The robbery and subsequent double homicide took place at the 1100 block of Mello Street between 4:48 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24 — the time of Alonso’s last phone call — and 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, the expected date of death.

According to investigators, Del Rio and Alonso’s killers stole about $10,000, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 10-gram gold bars and diamonds, and before fleeing, they took the hard drive with photos from the house’s security cameras

Prosecutors are dealing with the hypothesis that the Del Rio couple was approached after they went out shopping, or by someone who had a copy of the key.

The victims were seated in the front seats of a Mercedes Benz E350 with their seat belts on, with the woman on the driver’s side having been shot in the head and the male passenger having been shot three times.

The shooter executed them with a 9mm pistol from back to front from right to left, so it is assumed that he could be in the back seat.

Investigative sources revealed yesterday that, based on statements from the victims’ children, they are investigating whether the killer or killers used one of two weapons that were also stolen from the home in the double crime: a 9mm handgun that the retired lawyer kept on the bedside table in your room. A .22 revolver was also stolen from the car.

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