The bill against cruel animal exhibitions passes the first debate in the Senate

The Senate of the Republic approved in the first debate a project against cruel spectacles.

This Tuesday, September 6, the Sixth Committee of the Senate of the Republic approved the bill which seeks to gradually ban cruel entertainment shows with animals on Colombian territory, such as bullfights, noviladas, calves, tenta, rehoneo and roosters. The project will now be discussed at the plenary session of the upper house of Congress.

Animalist Senator Andrea Padilla, author of the project, admitted that he regrets only one thing about the text that will go to the plenary: coral reefs will be excluded at the request of seven senators, mainly conservatives from the Colombian Caribbean. Parliamentarians put as the main argument to exclude this “show”, the local economy of the places where this tradition takes place, which consists of running around cattle and stabbing them with sharp objects.

Although it seems to Padilla that the protection of the economy around these cruel spectacles is “an expression of the fragility of our state, a slow, careless and lazy scoundrel”, he emphasized that the ban on cockfighting is preserved in the text and that in corralejas he will be forbidden to injure or kill the bull.

Another modification of the original text is that the ban will not take effect after two years, but after three.

“However, in this three-year period, cruel entertainment practices with animals that would like to be carried out.” they will have to comply with regulations such as the ban on using any tools that harm animals in any way and the ban on killing animals within the show,” Padilla said.

If this project becomes law, the shows will also ban the entry of minors, the sale and consumption of intoxicating drinks and any kind of support from the Colombian state. In addition, if the mayor allows performances to be held without observing the measures, he will be exposed to serious disciplinary violations.

“In addition, the draft law establishes a regime of sanctions for non-compliance with any of these prohibitions. They prohibit the development of other cruel entertainments with animals: marans, cat races and these other scoundrels would be absolutely prohibited”, noted the congresswoman. Finally, a new provision will be added: a school education program on animal care and protection will be included. The senator added that the project will have the support of the ministries of the interior, labor, trade and culture.

At the same time, in the House of Representatives, Congressman Juan Carlos Losada succeeded in obtaining the approval of a project in the first debate to declare nature and animals as subjects of rights by amending Articles 79 and 95 of the Political Constitution. In the same way, it seeks to establish respect for animals and the recognition of certain rights that the law must develop as a duty of people and citizens.

Losada emphasized that “we are facing a paradigm shift where we must consider nature as a living being that has rights, not as an object that can be exploited, we must consider nature as an object of rights and this project is aimed at this Colombia progress in this sense”.

Animals, as sentient beings, will be recognized and protected as subjects of rights. They will be protected against cruel treatment, degrading treatment, death and unnecessary suffering and unjustified procedures or procedures which may cause them pain, suffering or limit the development of their natural abilities. The law will specify the content of their rights and their legal protection mechanisms.


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