Subscription campaign T. 22-23 “I am Gran Canaria”

We islanders have some characteristics that make us different, a unique way of seeing things, feeling our colors. That is why when we gather at the Gran Canaria Arena, we are not just a fan, a team, we are an entire island. Then something magical happens that creates a unique atmosphere with a common feeling…



1.- SINGLE SUBSCRIPTIONwhich includes all matches from the regular stages of the Liga Endesa and the European competition. As are the playoffsand at no additional cost in any game, from just €114 for adults, €95 for youth and €85 for children.

two.- THE BEST PRICES for our subscribers. The acquisition of payment in connection with the purchase of ticketsimplies a saving to a 42% in Senior and a 58% in Young man! (taking both leagues into account).

3.- PAYMENT TERMS: Up to 6 months without interest!

4.- PASSES FOR ALL AGES: in the 2nd and 3rd ring of the pavilion at very affordable prices.

5.- DISCOUNTS: FAMILY SUBSCRIPTION (all), Additional 15% discount. if there are 3 or more people in the first degree of consanguinity. And on EMPLOYEES OF SPONSORING COMPANIES (for new subscribers only)They have an additional 10% discount.

6.- TRANSFERRINGremember you can give (for your use) or exemption (for the Club) your subscription in a very convenient way (from your mobile in 4 seconds and only 4 clicks!) so that GRAN CANARIA ARENA always has maximum support for our team so you can get your season ticket savings.

7.- GUARANTEED PLACE IN EVERY MATCH AND FOR THE NEXT SEASON WITH A REWARD: If you establish payment for your season ticket, automatic renewal is activatedThis way you are guaranteed to have a reserved seat year after year.

8.- 50% DISCOUNT WHEN PURCHASING TICKETS* additional tickets throughout the season (*up to a maximum of 2 tickets per match per subscriber).

9.-Benefit of all GRANCA CLUB DISCOUNTS and on 10% DISCOUNT on CLUB STORE.

10.- SURE GIFT FOR THE FIRST 500 SUBSCRIBERS. If you subscribe online, be sure to come in person to collect your gift: a great waterproof bag for days at the beach or in the countryside.

eleven.- V EDITION YELLOW LOYALTY AWARDS. The club will reward the most loyal subscribers. Among those present at all matches will be played: 15 free subscriptions to T. 23/24stay in a double room of mode AD for a Weekend in 4* hotel in the south of Gran Canaria (prize courtesy of Viajes Insular) and also on Honorary Award to the most loyal subscriber for their seniority, attendance at events and participation in our social networks.

12.- COMING TO GCA ARENA HAS A SURE REWARD. We want our players to have maximum support, so in the 22/23 season we will once again reward your help more than ever. If your seat is taken in more than 80% of matchesbetween the two races, We will make a 10% discount on the price of your season ticket for the 23/24 season. Do not forget that if you can’t comeyou have a choice GIVE your seat so you can get it.

13.- Don’t forget that now subscription is digital so you can always carry it with you on your mobile phone.

14.- And all this, We make it very easy for you! Subscribe online (computer or smartphone) on the web the club or personal, at the point of attention to the subscriber in the Plaza Norte of the Gran Canaria Arena.

15.- We will send you MAREA YELLOW magazine in pdf to your email.

16.- And don’t stop going down our web applicationexclusively for subscribers who will help you stay informed about everything and you will be able to TRANSFER your seat if you can’t go, in a very simple and convenient way (download it from

Subscribe and let’s get a full booth for every match!


SINGLE SUBSCRIPTIONwhat does it include all games from the regular stages of the Endesa League and the European competition, AS WELL AS Endesa League PLAYOFFS AND NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES IN SOME MATCHES, from just €114 for seniors, €95 for young people and €85 for children for newcomers.

Subscription renewal prices Season 2022/2023
Sector Senior Young (14-24) Child (5-13)
Yellow 114 euros 95 euros 85 euros
an orange 125 euros 105 euros 95 euros
Pink 160 euros 120 euros 100 euro
Green 215 euros 160 euros 130 euros
Animation 100 euro
runway red 245 euros
red 245 euros 190 euros 155 euros
Light blue 350 euros
Violet 465 euros
VIP box 785 euros 665 euros 555 euros
VIP background 785 euros
Side VIP 1115 euros

*Youth born in 1998/2008
*Children born 2009/2017

FAMILY pass. If there are 3 or more people in the same family in the first degree of consanguinity, they will have a Additional 15% discount. at full price.

Note that for this to apply, you can only pay in person by presenting family book at the customer service point.

If you belong to any Company sponsorremember that only in case of be new subscriber you will be applied a 10% additional discount. In this case, you must pay in person and bring the header of a recent pay slip.

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