“Saras always pushes you to the limit”

09/07/2022 at 06:30


“I was at 60% in triples and in May I missed them all. I thought it was impossible!’

“Mirotic is a big loss, but…let him take his time”

Barca’s poor end to the season was accompanied by the poor percentages of Curic, who had been lethal until then with a back problem. Now he’s working in pre-season with Barca, excited like a kid at 33.

How is the preseason going?

Okay. I wanted to get back to training and be with my teammates, even though we have a lot with their national teams now. We rested well and are ready again.

how was the summer

I had a good rest and took a little break from basketball. It was a good vacation. We made several trips and I was also with family from the United States who then went a long time without seeing them.

Last season didn’t end well. Why?

There are several possible reasons. It was very long. We played at a very high level, but we had a lot of injuries, we lost gas and we were exhausted at the end of the season.

After the injuries and covid they were not able to recover the level even though they won the Copa del Rey.

It’s true. I already told you that we started very well, but the covid joined us with the injuries. We all wanted to get back as soon as possible to help the team, but we didn’t have what it took to win.

You are mentally strong. How did you deal with your bad streak with those back problems that plagued you?

It wasn’t easy. I tried everything to be the best I could be, but I couldn’t do my job well and the team and I noticed it. I never gave up and even though it was late, in the last games I was better.

He was supposed to be over 50% successful on threes and then missed them all in May.

And some weeks at 60%! When I failed one after another, I would go home and say… it’s not possible! I was a little low on morale, but I thought I was doing the same job as when I let them go. I watched clips and studied the launches but they weren’t going in.

I would always sign off on playing horribly and the team winning

At least he managed to win the battle with himself…

But that is not important. I would always sign off on playing horribly and the team winning. It is true that on a personal level I showed myself that yes, I can play at the highest level, but that is in the past and now a new season begins.

What do you think of the signatures?

It will be a different team. They are all good players, although four of them are in their national teams and I don’t know them personally. They are also used to fighting for titles and little by little we will build the necessary chemistry.

He won’t see some of them until Super Bowl week.

At least Satoranski and Veseli know each other very well for Fener and their national team, so that will be positive for the team. The key is for all of us to be able to build a team.

“Sato” is another top level player and I’m sure we’ll hit it off very well straight away.

With Satoranski instead of Kalathes, the team will play differently. Is it clear to you?

It’s obvious. We’ve lost six players and six more are coming. And one is the point guard, which by the way allowed me to score a lot of easy baskets with my passes. “Sato” is another top level player and I’m sure we’ll hit it off very well straight away.

Difficult question. Are you worried about Mirotic’s injury?

Of course. It’s much better to have him on the court with us, but last season we played games without him and without five or six other players and we managed. We’re going to have to play our game and come out with a win, whoever is out there. It is a great loss for us, but his absence is also an opportunity for others to step forward.

Forcing her to come back would be a mistake, wouldn’t it?

Of course, take the necessary time and come back healthy to help us as always.

The contract expires in June 2023. Would you like to stay longer at Barca?

Yes of course. I will play my fifth season here and Barça will be my first option, but we will see how the season goes.

We have the same goals as in recent years, to win as many titles as possible. We are in Barça and it should be like that.

What do you expect from this campaign?

We have the same goals as in recent years, to win as many titles as possible. We are in Barça and it should be like that.

He went from being the star of Estudiantes or “Granca” to a good player in a team full of good players. Changed a lot?

It’s super different. When you’re the real name of a team, you have more responsibility and you have to be in every game and play a lot of minutes. The maximum is always expected of you and you can make more mistakes for the whole game than you realize. Here you have 10 or 12 players of the same level next to you, you have to know your role very well and take it to help the team. I have mine clean too.

Is it very difficult to callus in defense and be fresh afterwards in attack?

With Saras, we are all very clear that the key is to defend as much as possible. You use up a lot of energy, but then you have to try to calm down and focus on the attack.

In the most difficult moments of last year, the chemistry with Saras seemed to fall apart…

He is a very demanding coach because he is the first one who wants to win and the truth is that here we have everything to win, so his job is to push us towards that goal. He always pushes you to the limit and when you win, everything is fine. When there are defeats, you have to be strong mentally because everything is more complicated.

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