Riviera Maya: its cenotes contain mystery and adventure

worlds of underground caves and gallerieson cenotes They are the entrance to the Mayan underworld. On a trip through Mexicoit is not to be missed to visit any of them natural formations in which water witnessed ancient rituals. more precisely, The Mayan Riviera This is the perfect place to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean and its magic. Endless attractions, postcard scenery, amazing ruins that tell the story of the original settlers, and unique cuisine and culture are the elements that make this destination interesting.

the door to the underworld

The Mayan people believed that cenotes were sacred places because they represented entrance to the spiritual underworld or Xibalbá, and through them they reached the world of the dead, where the life-giving rain god, Chaak, lived. The cenotes are believed to have been a scene of sacrifices and offerings for the deity. Inside these caves were found animal skulls, jewelry, and remains of pottery and utensils used in religious ceremonies. Even today’s Mayan descendants continue to perform rituals in them to ask the god for rain.
In the Mayan language, cenotes were known as ts’onot or ts’ono’ot or a hole in the ground and that’s it, fine they were formed over hundreds of years by the filtering of rainwater in the cracks of the limestone floor. Attrition caused over time generated caves whose roofs collapsed. Today, with wacky shapes who have acquired I’m taking a bath in them or go snorkeling To see the bottom of these formations is a unique experience. As a good work of nature, no cave is the same and you can choose the adventure in which they are semi-open or in the form of a pitcher, open or free fall, the water holes and the type of cave.

It is well known that the Mayans were a people of great scientists who created, among other things, their own calendar that is remembered today. But what do cenotes have to do with this development? All around from these wells in the ground, the mayans formed large cities and are believed to have been determinants to define the architecture of buildings for astrological reasons. Just for example, in Chichen Itza the influences they had to determine their location are analyzed. The central pyramid, El Castillo, has its stairs to the northwest, so during the March and September equinoxes, the sun’s shadow draws a snake along its path, moving along the pyramid’s central stairs. According to National Geographic, this allowed the Mayans to adjust their calendar.

Private cenote

He hides through the green vegetation a mystical and extraordinary cenote at the only 20°87° Riviera Maya hotel. When approaching the object, different sensations are experienced, such as relax and the comfort of resting, lying on the shore, however you feel adrenaline from jumping and swimming. There is also no lack of curiosity explore the cave area with flashlights in helmets (required). The blue waters contrast with the brown, and the yellow and orange tones of the rock walls are surprising. In the middle of a jungle landscapeevery detail of nature accompanies the knowledge of this mystical space that holds stories to discover.
The hotel immerses its guests in the culture of the area with its cocktails and cuisine based on local products. The design it is completely inspired by the culture of the Riviera Maya and features many natural and handcrafted materials from the area.


This hotel all inclusive for the sophisticated traveler it offers a royal experience in a context of relaxed luxury that is supplemented by Art local and carefully selected handcrafted design elements. Guests are encouraged to fully immerse themselves private excursions outside the property, from exploring the lesser-known corners of the region to dine in restaurants and bars preferred by local tasters. Culturally inspired experiences at the hotel include live art demonstrations by musicians and artists and a mixologist who infuses local flavors and ingredients to create specialty cocktails throughout the hotel.

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