Review – Peugeot 208 GT 2023: Love is born from sight

Have you ever felt that a picture is not enough to show the beauty of something? Impressive scenery? Big full moon? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me in front of the little one Peugeot 208GT.

When I finally got around to trying it on, I realized the wisdom of choosing such a hard-to-wear color as the mustard yellow of the GT version. It doesn’t matter if you’re from an Italian supersport family, this paint is hard to remove. But the 208 GT carries it off with elegant naturalness. And it is that this compact hatchback perfectly expresses the language of Peugeot in recent years; young, aggressive and modern language; tongue of nails and teeth.

It’s not easy to make a car instantly recognizable these days. Even the cheapest car has daytime running lights. But on the 208 GT, even the daytime running lights have a unique face. Those two vertical teeth on the front of the car prove that it can still be original.

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The body design also manages to cope with more complex tasks. Combine straight and defined strokes with more rounded and curved and it all works and achieves a unique balance. It gives you a well-placed and sporty posture. An example of this is the front hood with two parallel channels to improve aerodynamics. The details of the GT letters, on the side, surrounded by a line carved into the body, are very elegant.

Finally, the back, with black glass that runs from one side to the other, covering the LED skulls with three vertical bars, closes with a flourish an exterior design that, from this angle, has something futuristic.

And it is precisely on this last note that the interior is guided. The lines are very marked and geometric. Materials such as piano black, denim and carbon fiber are cleverly interspersed for a style of their own.

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Of course, the crown jewel is the 3D cockpit. It takes you a while to figure out why it’s 3D, but by the time you hit your twenties, your inner nerd is grinning from ear to ear. The animations are crisp and the different covers, from sporty to minimalistic, have something for everyone.

The steering wheel is a very wise decision for a city car. Its circumference is small and this allows you to control the steering wheel very easily when driving around town. It’s just fun on the road. Its octagonal shape adds to the futuristic feel of the entire front panel of the car.

On a very positive note, the piano-style keys that control the air conditioning and infotainment system have been given a parallel row of touch buttons with shortcuts. On the not so positive side, it still has the problem I mentioned with the 3008: the lever with the buttons for operating the cruise control system is in one place, behind the steering wheel, one of the least practical I’ve ever seen in my life.

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In the center console there is a USB connection (four sockets, one for data) and wireless charging. The material is a very modern piano black, but in this area it is a mistake. Count down the months until this one gets scratched. Answer? Apply protective mica that you get from third parties. The cup holders also have room for improvement as they are one size fits all and lack a system to hold smaller cups in place.

The seats are comfortable (manual) and have mirror stitching on various parts of the console and doors. The height of the seat and the steering wheel take some time to adjust so that the latter does not cover the information from the Cockpit 3D. I don’t know from personal experience if this applies to all drivers.

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Back row space is ample, although three passengers will fit tight. And here there is the possibility of connecting to two USB sockets. Headroom to the roof is good for a hatchback and two passengers will usually feel plenty of room.

The trunk has adequate dimensions (366 liters), but it is not one of the largest in the segment (Kia Rio has 130 liters more). “You have to suffer to be beautiful”, as my grandmother used to say, because it is because of its design that we lose this space. An acceptable sacrifice.

The week we tested it I drove it mostly around town and a mandatory road trip to see how it handled. In the city, it has one of the quietest cabins and a softer suspension than its competition on the rough road (Mexico City’s daily bread). It is a comfortable subcompact car for city travel.

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The 130 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque turbocharged engine has enough capacity to give you nimble and responsive handling in the city mazes. In a fun hatchback. Would you call it sporty driving?

You will really feel it on highway and road. At normal speeds it behaves perfectly. You feel confident cornering and have enough power to overtake and stay out of the way in the stopping lane.

If you’re already demanding more from it, it continues to hold its own with a box that makes the changes you want quickly, although you’ll miss out on a more responsive (or responsive) address, and the power can offer you a bit more to raise the abbreviation legitimately. you’re on a “big sightseeing trip”.

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Peugeot 208 GT 2023 is an excellent option for those looking for balance, uniqueness and a dose of futurism. This is a stylish and comfortable subcompact car. It has a dynamic look that reflects when handling it. There are aspects to improve ergonomics, and I’d be lying if I didn’t expect the GT to offer just a tad more power to draw a final smile in that aspect. That smile that will leave you anyway every time you take it out or put it in your garage.

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