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The local community of Yoyopana is located in the area of ​​Potrerito Playa, in the Riohacha region. Most of the children and teenagers in this community, when not doing homework, prefer to play soccer. This was reported by Maria Alejandra Uriana Epiayu, a 16-year-old teenager who belongs to this community.

“I love football, it’s my dream. I am currently part of the Fortaleza team and for the first time I am participating in the Claro Cup for Colombia”, explained Uriana.

She is just one of nearly 3200 participants (children and adolescents) from vulnerable communities in 12 departments and 25 places in the country that will play in the fourth edition of the Cup, which is organized by Claro for Colombia, Claro’s sustainability strategy.

During the opening match, which took place on September 6 in Riohacha, La Guajira, the communities of Maicao, Palomino and Majaura 2 participated. An event that brought together a large number of participants from the local indigenous communities and migrants.

This initiative is intended transform their lives through technology, education and sports. This year the departments of Atlantico, Bolivar, Choco, La Guajira, Antioquia, Risaralda, Quindio, Caldas, Cauca, Tolima, Casanare and Meta will participate.

“When we play, we feel good and forget about all the problems we have,” Uriana added during the Claro Cup opening match, which took place at the Eder Jhon Medina Coliseum.

This tournament goes far beyond a sports competition. One of his pillars is to teach and promote values ​​and life skills on the court when playing, as well as encouraging minors to become replicators of those in their communities.

Therefore, the countries have several peculiarities. They have no referee, the players themselves establish the coexistence agreements. At the beginning of each game, core values ​​are established that must be put into practice during the game, such as solidarity or respect.

This tournament goes far beyond a sports competition. One of its pillars is to teach and promote values ​​and life skills.

“They are parties in which there is coexistence, formation of values ​​and resolution of conflicts. At the beginning, the rules that will apply during the match are agreed, and the final result depends not only on the goals, but also on the behavior. That is why we work hand in hand with the values ​​to teach them to make better decisions for life and we recommend the use of the free virtual platforms of the Carlos Slim Foundation: and PruébaT so that they can improve their educational quality”. said Santiago Pardo Fajardo, Claro’s Corporate Director of Regulatory Affairs and Institutional Relations.

To promote gender equality, the teams are mixed. In the methodology, the first goal to be valid must be scored by a girl. “It’s a very good idea because they consider us as a priority: we girls come first. In this way, the boys learn to communicate more with us and help us on the field. It has served me a lot and they take us into account to give us a pass and be able to score,” explained Sharon Alexa Giraldo, 16, who prefers to play as a defender or a winger on the field.

Carlos Perez, executive director of Fútbol Con Corazón, assured that the Claro Cup for Colombia is the biggest soccer tournament that goes beyond a sports competition. “It is a process in which sport and education are articulated. Families have a major role to play in making a stronger impact. Some football rules have been changed to promote confident communication and values ​​in the game. this is how winners are determined by a combination of goals and good behaviour’– assured Peres.

Over the next three months, teams will play games to form the team that will represent each department. The grand final will be played in December in the city of Pereira.

“Since we live in a very small town (Palomino, in La Guajira), it was difficult for them to open the doors for us. now, many young people are inspired to be bigger in life, This is a very big opportunity for me,” Giraldo emphasized.

In addition, this year the Bavaria Foundation joins the Claro Cup for Colombia, which through its fair play methodology has reached more than 24,000 minors throughout the country. “We promote sport as a powerful tool to develop social-emotional skills, increase risk perception and demystify the benefits associated with alcohol consumption,” said Samira Fadul, Bavaria’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

Claro por Colombia Cup 2022 is held by Claro por Colombia, Claro’s sustainability strategy, in alliance with Fútbol con Corazón, with the sponsorship of Huawei and the support of Fundación Bavaria.

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