Jolette took social media by storm with the leak of her album on digital platforms

The former academician works on the “Hoy” program with fashion capsules. (IG: jolettenavarrete)

In recent days, Jolette has positioned itself among the main trends in social networks because it is now available My dream at the Academy, the album he recorded after his sudden departure from reality some 17 years ago. But everything seems to indicate that the ten songs were leaked on digital platforms under a verified account believed to belong to Guadalajara, as the singer herself hinted during her interaction with her fans on Twitter.

It all started at the beginning of September, when some Internet users used their profiles on this network to congratulate the former academic on the arrival of her musical material in Spotify Y Apple Music. However, no one expected Joliet to be unaware of the topic, as it surprised her that the songs she recorded are now available outside of the videos that some of her fans recovered from her stay The academy in Youtube.

The account is verified, so you can see it thanks to
The account is verified, so you can see it thanks to the “blue check”. (Spotify Capture)

Given what happened, the program associate Today He retweeted some of his followers’ posts on the subject, where he commented that he was just learning about everything that was going on with his album, even though at the time it was already among the top spots on the popularity charts on both music platforms.

Let the uploaders contact me, I’m glad” he wrote in response to a post.

While some defended Jolette from the leak, others applauded her songs.  (capture on Twitter)
While some defended Jolette from the leak, others applauded her songs. (capture on Twitter)

But that wasn’t all, because according to users of Spotify sometimes their profile looked verified but nothing came up when they searched for it. The speculation continued and the former academic continued to share the compliments she received from her fans who, despite the circumstances, shared that they were very happy with her material.

It is worth mentioning that My dream at the Academy It is made up of 10 songs that Joliet originally sang during her time on the reality show. These are Dancing, Dancing live, And I’m still here, Candela, Cielo Rojo, I’m Rebel, Crazy, You are the Glory, Heart of Stone Y A thief.

(capture on Twitter)
(capture on Twitter)

“I just found out today that @Joletteoficial is in Spotify“. “I love that my @Joletteoficial is trending and supporting me.” “Since they released Jolette’s songs Apple Music I have the above alarm clock”. “She may not have won, but Joliet is the member of The Academy who has hit pop culture the hardest. Who likes it, likes it.”I didn’t know what to listen to Dancing by @Joletteoficial before I went to high school it was what I needed to be happy“. “I’m going to listen to Jolette’s album on the way home!!!” were some reactions.

Given the uncertainty over who uploaded her album, Joliet admitted that it feels “nice” to see her being considered as an artist after the harsh criticism she received in the fourth generation of the Academy, which eventually forced her to leave your dream: “Of course, seeing JOLETTE ARTIST -verified- is beautiful. The joy of my Joletteros is priceless. I hope we talk and do it well. in the best location“.

(Instagram capture: @jolettenavarrete)
(Instagram capture: @jolettenavarrete)

However, he showed his irritation and his great sense of humor by asking those responsible for uploading his album to pay him royalties so he can buy a new mobile device. It is not yet known whether the singer will investigate or initiate legal proceedings against those responsible for uploading her content without her permission.

I hope [me den regalías] and those who waited when it was for salehe tweeted.


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