In 2022, there are already 25 violent deaths of girls in Honduras »

Tegucigalpa.- Girls in Honduras are also victims of violence, insecurity and a high level of crime, which day by day strengthens the entire population, every month the number and cases of violent death of girls increase, and with it the impunity.

According to data from the specialist Observatory on Violent Deaths of Women, Girls and Adolescents (Keres), from the Cattrachas Lesbian Network, 25 underage girls have lost their lives so far in 2022, aged 1 to 18.

Fatima Ulloa, who is a researcher at the Cattrachas Observatory, stated in an interview with that of these 19 violent deaths of girls, only 6 were prosecuted.

He added that most of the violent deaths of girls are from firearms, suffocation and others with knives.

Ulloa also said that by 2021, this observatory had recorded 38 cases of violent deaths of girls under the age of 17. “We are worried about this problem because this figure tells us that this year the violent death of girls is increasing, it is still September and the year is not over.

He added that the areas with the highest incidence are Francisco Morazán, in the central zone, Cortes, in San Pedro Sula, in the north, and Olancho, which is in the east of the country.

“It is important that the authorities work to promote the investigation of violent deaths of women and girls, it is necessary for the authorities to strengthen the bodies responsible for the investigation so that these cases do not go unpunished,” Ulloa said.

It is important for the state to implement new strategies to catch the perpetrators of both the violent deaths of girls and women, they should investigate the crime scenes and try to protect the bodies of the victims, Ulloa concluded.

Levels of impunity in the death of children and adolescents in Honduras, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), reach 95% in all cases of violent death.

It is important to mention that according to data collected by the Coordinator of Private Institutions for Children, Adolescents, Youth and Their Rights (Coiproden), based on media reports, 47 were reported in April alone, 49 in May and 44 in June and of these 44 cases in June, 38 were of young people and boys, that is, 86% were men and six were girls and young people, which equates to 14%.

In the three months, girls and boys are a total of 12 between the ages of 0 and 18, Coiproden estimates that an average of 50 violent deaths of girls, boys, adolescents and young people are reported in Honduras every month.

The organization also emphasized that in the first quarter of 2022 (from January to March), 158 children and youth were killed.

Armando Orellana, sociologist and national analyst

For his part, the sociologist Armando Orellana in an interview for He stated that the violent death of girls is closely related to a society that is surrounded by inequality, poverty and the pattern of life based on authoritarian schemes has exposed children to situations of violence.

“Let’s also remember that there is structural violence in educational centers where poor and low-income children are exposed to situations of exclusion and marginalization,” Orellana stressed.

He added that this problem should also be analyzed from the home and their own economy, this situation can have the effect of child abuse.

He said that in order to change this scourge, the authorities must propose actions to help young people at risk mainly, in addition to preventing acts of violence, and this is only done with the true support of the state.

In Orellana’s opinion, real non-superficial diagnoses should be made, “not make-up like the ones that were done in the past”, which dealt with these problems in luxury hotels, “working on these problems from marginal neighborhoods, from vulnerable communities, from the poorest village in the country, this is the only way to achieve public policies that get to the bottom of the problem”.

Orellana said that a very strong interest is needed on the part of the authorities and that they are working hard to create a good design of social policies that take girls and boys out of the levels of exclusion and poverty they are currently in.

According to a report published by the Association for a Fairer Society (ASJ), in Honduras every six hours a minor suffers or is a victim of sexual violence, but many of the crimes remain unsolved.

The level of impunity of cases is 83.74, while up to 90% of abuses occur in the environment of minors, according to a study published on April 27, 2022 called “Index of Impunity and Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in Honduras” , presented by the above association.

In addition, the report states that out of the total number of complaints of child sexual abuse in only 1454 of the cases, i.e. 16.25% reach a conviction, for which 83.74% remain unpunished.

A violent death report registered by Casa Alianza, entitled Situation of the rights of girls, boys and young people in Honduras, published last April this year, showed that 49 cases of violent death in the country correspond to girls composed of from the age of 0 up to 17 years, constituting 38% for the female sex.

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