Get the discount military ID on Army Days

From this September 7 to next October 10CColombians over 24 years old of age who have not yet determined their military situation, they will be able to resolve that situation in special days that the National Army holds throughout the country.

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The call is organized by the Army Reserve Recruiting and Control Command, which will accept applicants in each of the 12 zones and 60 military districts with which it is linked throughout the national territoryin shifts of attention that go from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those who participate in the special sessions will be able to get a 60% discount on military compensationthat is, in “the civil, special, pecuniary and individual contribution to be paid into the National Treasury by the registered person who does not join the ranks”, according to Law 1184 of 2008

Another of the discounts you can get is 90% fines and/or sanctions resulting from violations in the martial law determination process.

According to the Army Reserve Recruiting and Control Command, at the end of the entire procedure in the said sessions, The beneficiary β€œcan choose free access to the electronic certificate or the physical issuance of his Second Class Reservist Card (Military ID).upon payment of processing costs.

This latter value, according to the aforementioned Law 1184, “cannot exceed 15% of the current monthly legal minimum wage”, which means that as of today, the beneficiary will not pay more than $150,000 for the issuance of his physical military ID.

Determine your military status: this is how you participate in the special days of the army

Although this invitation presupposes a presence in any of the 12 zones and 60 military districts that the National Army has in the country, before that and as a basic requirement the interested party is required to be registered on the website www.libretamilitar Here We give you complete step by step to do this registration.

Note that you need to upload the following documents to the mentioned online platform:

  • Photocopy of citizen card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • If applicable, undergraduate transcript and diploma.
  • A 3×4 photo with a blue background. It must be in .jpg format and cannot exceed 1MB in size. (You must appear in it with a tie).

When visiting the Military District to continue the procedure, You must bring the documents required by the persons authorized to access the benefits (later we specify who can be beneficiaries). One of the documents you must bring is a receipt for an expired quota of military compensation and/or fines.

In case you are a Colombian citizen residing abroad, you must provide a simple authorization where you authorize a third party to carry out the special sessions procedure. In this authorization you must state whether you want your physical military card to be delivered to this authorized third party or sent by diplomatic mail to the relevant consulate.

Who can take advantage of these special days?

To receive the discounts and other benefits that will be offered at the Special Military Status Determination Sessions, you must be A Colombian citizen residing in the country or abroad and be in any of the following situations:

  1. Violators who are fined under the above process.
  2. Citizens over the maximum incorporation age (over 24).
  3. Citizens declared unfit by the psychophysical ability commissions of the Recruitment Directorate.
  4. Citizens who live abroad and who demonstrate a minimum residence of 3 years.
  5. Citizens released from military service and who are legally obliged to pay a military compensation fee, in accordance with the grounds established in Article 12 of Act 1861 of 2017

In the Military Situation Definition section of the website will be able to obtain details of the documents required to prove your beneficiary status for this call.

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