Four perfect gifts to celebrate the day of love and friendship in Colombia

This September 17 is the day of love and friendship in Colombia, and these four ideas are perfect for celebrating.

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Love and Friendship Day is the perfect date to show the appreciation you feel for the closest people in your life, and it’s also an occasion to celebrate that their presence is an important part of your everyday life.

Although this date is known worldwide as Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 14 in several countries, in Colombia the date is set to be in the month of September.

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Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to have several gift ideas for your family, friends or your partner and thus be able to choose the best option to surprise the people you love the most.

When is the day of love and friendship celebrated in Colombia?

east Saturday September 17 This is the date you can give a gift to that person you appreciate to celebrate the day of love and friendship in Colombia. The date was set because in 1969 the merchants decided to convince the government that this event at the beginning of the year, implied an additional expenditure at the beginning of the school season for children and young peopleso it was moved to the month of September.

It is also known that this month was chosen because it was the only one of the year that did not have a designated holiday and therefore he was the one who celebrated love and friendship in the country.

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Activities you can do on the day of love and friendship

In addition to gifts, this holiday is an opportunity to share spaces with the people you like and become a place of meeting and gratitude.

  • Sleepover and movie night: for both couples and friends, this plan is an economical and very suitable alternative to spend the day of love and friendship in a relaxed way and without leaving home.
  • Cooking as a couple: Perfect to make that special someone fall in love or show off your culinary skills and surprise your friends and family.
  • Picnic in the park: Getting out of the routine and celebrating can be right around your corner because this date can be celebrated even in a place surrounded by trees where you can enjoy the peace that nature brings and good food.
  • Video Game Afternoon: For competitive friends, this plan is perfect to get the best digital gaming tricks and skills.

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Suitable gifts for the day of love and friendship

Although it all depends on people’s taste, here are some recommendations that can be helpful in choosing the most suitable gift. Remember, this is the time to share gifts and also experience.

Makeup and personal care products

For both men and women, this option is a way to say thank you and take care of the other, as in various shops you can get daily make-up, as well as products such as sunscreens, masks, creams and scrubs.

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Sports and casual wear

If you know very well the tastes of the person you want to surprise on that day, you can choose to buy clothes that you need or that you really like, there is a wide variety of options on the market and you can find price offers in stores all over the country .

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candles for the home

A simple but very important detail. A scented candle for the home is an ideal option for fragrance lovers, so you can choose according to the person’s taste a candle that brings new energy to the home.

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Finally, for wine lovers, choose a bottle you drink regularly or a new one you haven’t tried. This option is also suitable for couples who want to enjoy a romantic evening with movies and a good dinner.

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