Felipa and Memo, a love story in the age of TikTok

Love in modern times has adapted to internet era; even an emoji or a reaction has become the new thing romance language or at least that’s the story Felipe and Memowhose relationship inspired the playwright John Brittain to make a scene.

After more than six hours of transcription status and comments shared on the walls of this couple that were friends by John Brittain, the playwright shaped this entertainment romantic comedy.

A little more than 10 years after its creation, the Mexican dir Robert Cavazos adapts the piece to the time of tik tok and Instagram to come alive Felipa and Memo have a relationshipa work to be performed at Teatro La Capilla.

The play Felipa and Memo have a relationship will be performed on Sundays at 18:00, from August 28 to October 16 at Teatro La Capilla

“This is a work for our time, but the funny thing is that it was written more than 10 years ago and the only thing that has changed is social network which one prefers youth“, says Cavazos Indigo report.

A young, flamboyant and intense love lived in the most public way possible, sharing everything to the last privacy. A Romeo and Juliet for the age of the internet… well, if Romeo and Juliet, in addition to their mutual obsession, had the propensity to share absolutely everything in their social media.

I compare it with Romeo and Juliet, because if we remember that their romance lasted for days, it was love at first sight; they were words of William Shakespeare, of the most romantic things, but they were in love. Here are two people who know each other and 24 hours later meet up and announce it on Facebookthey experience everything with the same intensity,” says the director.

The work allows to know the history of these young peoplewhose love innocentbut passionately exposes himself through his social networks.

According to the director, apart from sharing their feelings, the two come more to inquire about things Deep about their lives and how they connect teenagers.

“This is the first teenage love, the most typical and beautiful. We work with the idea that we are all Felipa and Memo because everyone at some point has had such a relationship; the person we like consumes us all day, we ignore friendshipswe are bad with family for being with this person; in fact the piece is done in a very innocent way.

“There is no malice in them heroesthey’re clumsy, beginners, kids, and that’s okay, that’s part of life, and that’s why we laugh because we recognize what’s happening to them,” he explains.

One of the main challenges for Cavazos was how to catch virtual world of the couple, so he decided to play with space; both actors are in the middle of landscape on a platform, thereby creating the illusion of being their own avatar.

They will also have two display screens virtual dialogue that the couple has.

“This play moves at breakneck speed, we couldn’t lose the audience’s attention, I had to find a way to make it visually interesting. dancing is included tik tok to update it, his playwright asked me tropical it and adapt it to many Mexican Y Latin American so that the references have the same cultural effect in the country”, he points out.

“It’s about seeing how much we’ve changed, because that kind of love has always been there and always will be, only the tools to express it have changed”

Robert CavazosDirector

Finally, Roberto explains that this is not a work intended to instruct people who publish much of their lives in social media, it is simply an observation of behavior in the modern age.

“This is not a comment or a judgment on today’s youth, it is an observation and monitoring sometimes the best comedies are made there,” he points out.

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