Double crime in Vicente Lopez. After a twist in the case, they ordered the release of the slain couple’s housekeeper

San Isidro bail judge Ricardo Costa ordered the release of Maria Nymph Aquinothe domestic helper arrested a day after the murder of her employers was revealed, Adv Jose Enrique Del Rio and his wife Maria Mercedes Alonso, shot in a car at his home in Vicente Lopez on August 24. Nina Aquino will give a press conference this Thursday, at 8, at Monseñor José Francisco Marcón 2584, San Justo, in the office of her defender, Hugo López Carribero.

Aquino, 64, was arrested at the request of prosecutors Martin Gomez and Alejandro Musso, who considered inconsistent and contradictory the explanations given by the woman for her movements since she arrived at the house at 6.40 a.m. on August 24 and at 9 a.m. when she found the bodies of the husbands – for whom she had been working for a long time. 12 years – in his Mercedes Benz E350, in the garage of his house located on Melo y Gaspar Campos. They considered as an incriminating element the fact that the house was extremely messy and this must have attracted his attention.

The mess in the first floor living room of the Del Rio couple’s house; behind the armchair on the left are the boxes packed for the early move; A shell casing was discovered next to the right armchair.

But the course of the investigation caused a radical turn in the cause. In granting the most recent release request presented by Lopez Caribero, Judge Costa reported that “as a result of the current prosecution representatives assigned to the case Numerous elements were included that form an evidentiary plexus that clearly allows us to discern an investigative hypothesis different from the one that prevailed at the time of dictating the measure of personal coercion weighing on Maria Ninfa Aquino Chamorro.

Del Rio, 72, was a lawyer and owned a private security agency. In addition, he and his wife owned several garages. With a background in the Federal Police (from which he retired with the rank of Chief Officer in 1982), He had two sons, Martin and Diego. The first of them – who ran his father’s business operationally – was the one who identified the wallet seized from Aquino’s house as the place where his mother could have kept the key to the house safe from which, according to initial estimates, 10,000 had been stolen. dollars, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars of ten grams and several diamonds.

Last week, the domestic worker’s lawyer again asked for his client’s release in a letter in which he stated: “There is no type of evidence or indication to link my assistance to the alleged crime, generating this completely arbitrary detention, which must stop.” “

Several circles stirred in the house where Vicente Lopez's double crime was committed
Several circles stirred in the house where Vicente Lopez’s double crime was committed

In turn, he included in the file the movements of the SUBE card provided by Alonso to his employee, which shows that “during the days that constitute the time frame of the allegation, she (Aquino) performed her normal official work of cleaning the home of the victims,” according to Télam.

In this sense, he adds that between 4:48 p.m. on August 24 and 4:30 a.m. the following day, when the robbery and the subsequent double crime took place for the investigation, Nina was not at the scene of the events, but rather with her. home or a place close to it. Likewise, the lawyer also included footage from a security camera that captured Aquino walking toward a bus stop at a time that coincided with that recorded using the SUBE card.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the criminal plan was carried out at some point in this period, when there were present “people whose exact number or gender cannot be established for the time being, who, through a pre-agreed plan, with a distribution of roles and clearly with illegitimate goals, entered the house. After searching various environments for valuables, they were able to illegitimately seize 10,000 US dollars, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars of ten grams each, and several diamonds. To ensure their impunity, the criminals fired at least four shots with a firearm [calibre nueve milímetros]. everything [los balazos] they were directed to extracorporeal areas that crossed vital organs, with the clear and unequivocal aim of reaping the lives of both of them”.

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