Child sexual exploitation: Strong Senate support for sanctions bill – Senate

The project considers typification of the crime according to international standards for the rights of the child and considers more severe punishments. It ends with the concept of so-called “child prostitution”.

The House of the Senate gave solid support to the changes made by the Constitutional Commission in the project, which punishes with harsh penalties the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. With this particular approval, the initiative was able to complete its third process in the Chamber of Deputies.

generally, The project envisages a change of approach in the typification of sexual crimes against minors and adolescents, ending the concept of child prostitution and establishing that of commercial sexual exploitation. Likewise, sexual exploitation penalties have been set for the production of pornographic material in which children and adolescents are exposed, among other measures.

The President of the Constitutional Commission, Senator Matthias Walker, was responsible for explaining the changes that this instance made to the initiative, which continued to carry out its third constitutional procedure.

In particular, during the vote, senators intervened:

Ivan Moreira

“Our boys and girls are the ones who deserve greater protection…this bill seeks to regulate not only child exploitation, but also changes the norm to more effectively punish the exposure of children under 14 to material with sexual content…we cannot be tolerant of those who benefit, abuse or denigrate the most innocent”

Gustavo Sanjuesa

“No one can avoid condemning all illegal activities where, through fraud or the promise of an exchange of goods, our children and adolescents see their rights violated and their innocence compromised at such an early age. I reject any situation that occurs using minors for the benefit of an adult”

Mathias Walker

“It is not appropriate to talk about child pornography, it is appropriate to talk about the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. They do not voluntarily expose themselves to being recorded or to be victims of pornographic material, they are exploited by adults and this is the relevant sanction in this type of punishment … if someone acquires child pornography, they become complicit in sexual exploitation and that is why this bill imposes very severe penalties”

Rodrigo Galileo

“This project is related to the identification of criminal persons. There is no room for second glances here. This is completely wrongful sexual exploitation and this project seeks to specify penalties, conduct where there is subjective intent or objective conduct.”

Ximena Rincon

“Chile adheres to all official actions against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents…the approval of this bill is essential and urgent…We welcome the increase of the penalty so that the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is considered crime …this is a great initiative”

Claudia Paschal

“This assumes that children and adolescents are victims, not service providers, which allows for adequate prosecution… suggestions are being gathered from international and civil society… the possibility of protecting the legal right to sexual compensation for children, girls and juniors is essential in this project”

Isabel Allende

“This project emphasizes that there is a form of abuse and exploitation of children and adolescents and sees them as victims and not as service providers…the penalties for certain crimes are increased…it will be a crime with its own typology and the legislation on new forms of affecting the sexual intimacy of boys, girls and adolescents”

David Sandoval

“An act of mistreatment of girls, boys and adolescents is unacceptable from any point of view… this project addresses the need for conceptual corrections. There is a change in approach as there is no such thing as child sexual prostitution but commercial sexual exploitation and with that we are catching up with the legislation.”

Fidel Espinosa

“Importantly, the bill we are debating today is a bill that will more drastically penalize this type of crime, and especially the production of child pornography, with harsher penalties for those who commit these heinous acts than anyone else. of our society must condemn

Philip Cast

“This project, which aims to classify and prosecute the crime of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, is also part of the 90 measures of the children’s agenda … one of the most painful elements of the violation of the rights of children is that many of these crimes stem from the network that is supposed to protect them”

Jose Miguel Duran

“This project aims to provide an adequate framework for the protection of victims of sexual exploitation when they are children and adolescents… according to statistics, crimes against minors have increased and we must be consistent in our commitment to combat them. . the sexual exploitation of children is a form of slavery”

Ivan Tsveti

“We are facing a project that is moving and at the same time disturbing, because there are few human actions that are as heinous as violence, the violation of human rights, when there is such a huge imbalance as that between an adult and a child. We have no doubts here that this project should be approved.”

Carmen Gloria Aravena

“It is very important to change the concept of child prostitution to that of commercial sexual exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents… there is clearly abuse here in circumstances where there is associated vulnerability… where there is no adequate classification of crime, it is likely and there will be no criminal prosecution, and that is why this project is important”

Jose Miguel Insulsa

“This is a norm that we celebrate because it adapts national legislation to international human rights norms… we have replaced the concept of child prostitution because there is commercial sexual exploitation of minors. I think it’s important that with the new typification of this crime, there is an opportunity to better prosecute these reprehensible behaviors.”

Kenneth Pugh

“In this process, the most valuable thing was being able to clarify terms and concepts and refer to what is now known as sexual exploitation material, because that ultimately has a monetary value that allows these international gangs to operate. ..this is an international problem”

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