An autumn of gastronomy, nature and culture in the community of La Jolla

If we enter the mountainous environment that surrounds the inner center of the Valencian community, we find a region full of tourist attractions that are structured around three pillars: popular mountain gastronomy, a natural environment of inestimable value and a cultural heritage full of traditions. and holidays. The Commonwealth consists of ten towns worth stopping on the way to visit: Alborache, Buñol, Cheste, Chiva, Dos Aguas, Godeleta, Milares, Siete Aguas, Turis and Yatova, where you can see all its tourist , cultural and gastronomic opportunities Tourism La Hoya – Buñol-Chiva (

Mountain gastronomic tradition

The mountain, the culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation and the legacy of transhumance life influence the gastronomy of the area, where hot pot and wood-fired rice dishes stand out, with their different varieties depending on each municipality. Wine lovers will discover in this region the excellent quality of the Moscatel grape in its Romano and Alejandría varieties, from which wine and mistela are produced.

Game dishes and sausages are examples of the strength of Mancomunidad La Hoya gastronomy. The kitchens are adapted to the seasonal products and to the resources of the countryside, which, although with simple raw materials, offer us refined preparations soaked in butter, another star product. The menus are topped off with traditional desserts such as roségons and almond nougats, bull cakes, panquemado and honey.

This autumn, fairs and events are organized around the gastronomy of the territory, such as the showroom for gastronomic products planned from September 30 to October 2 at the Ruzafa Studio, in Valencia, and FIVAMOS, the Moscatel fair, which will take place on the same dates in Cheste to promote of local tourism through the Muscatel grape.

Walking routes bathed in water

To better understand the grandeur of the places that surround the Commonwealth of La Hoya, it is important to note that the region consists of a large central depression. Its geography is irregular and consists of hills, hills and wild landscapes through which the Buñol, Juanes or Magro rivers flow, as well as caves, waterfalls and pools.

The Juanes River Waterway, a beautiful route between Yatova and Buñol

The route of the canyon of the river Magro and Alto del Cerro, a beautiful walk in Yatova through Tabarla

Water is therefore a valuable asset in the region and allows visitors to enjoy active tourism with activities such as caving as well as hiking, canyoning or climbing, among others.

Must see Ruta de los Molinos, in Alborache; Turche Cave, in Buñol; the cave of the lamp, in Milares and the cave of Las Palomas, in Yatova.

The beautiful road of the Alborache mills

Turche de Buñol Cave, a spectacular natural amphitheater with a large waterfall and lake

Cueva de las Palomas, a karst formation on the Juanes River, located in the Yatova district

To get to know all the corners of the Mancomunidad and discover each of the tourist activities it offers, you can visit the Active Tourism Fair that takes place in Siete Aguas, from October 7 to 9.

A culture that transports us to other times

Beyond the popular and international Tomatina Festival in Buñol -takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year-the municipalities that make up the Commonwealth of La Hoya de Buñol Chiva offer the visitor a rich historical heritage, urban routes that transport us to other times and celebrations of a great tradition such as the Godelleta fallas.

Archaeological sites such as those you can find in Chiva, the craft tradition of Dos Aguas, the countless fountains built in the municipality of Siete Aguas or the remains of Iberian and Roman culture in the settlement of La Carrencia in Turís are just some examples of the wealth of an area that without doubtless worth exploring for its treasures.

The Ibero-Roman fortified city of La Carrencia, a historical jewel located in Turris

Music is also a unifying element of the different municipalities, and in this sense, autumn is a good time to enjoy the Festival of Bands, which takes place in September and until October 9 in different municipalities of La Jolla and is organized by the Federation of Bands of the Generalitat Valenciana.

A visit to the Commonwealth of La Hoya is an activation of the senses and an experience of the meaning of natural emotion. To see all the things to do in the 10 cities, visit Tourism La Hoya – Buñol-Chiva (

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