119 WhatsApp messages that led a minor to commit suicide

“Do you want to jump now? Sam got himself into this problem. You screwed me the other day and I’m going to do it nowget ready.” These were some of the 119 WhatsApp messages a Villarreal minor received in less than three hours from a 62-year-old man who led him to commit suicide by jumping into the void across the patio of his residence .

The Court of Castellon sentenced the defendant to ten years imprisonment for the crime of premeditated murder, whom a popular jury found guilty of causing youth suicide seventeen years old. The judgment he had access to ABCproves that he sent him more than a hundred messages with intimidating and threatening content, although the young man apologized and warned him that if he continued like this he would take his own life.

However, according to the proven facts, the convicted person was «fully aware of grief and anxiety that he was producing in the minor” to the point of wanting to kill himself and “knowing the high probability that the minor’s death would occur.” Nevertheless, he continued to send him messages, some of which are key to understanding the jury’s verdict approved by the judge:

—«Please don’t do it. You’re going to ruin my life, I’ll do whatever you want» the young man begged him. «I’m killing myselfhe continued.

—«It depends on you“, he answered.

—«Well, I’m going to kill myself» said the minor.

—«Do you want to jump now? If you kill yourself, you will leave the brown to your parents“, the defendant told the victim.

He was aware at all times that the person he was talking to via the mobile application was under the age of eighteen and yet he “explicitly and specifically took advantage of such a situation, knowing and knowing immaturity and vulnerability which the young man showed.

According to the decision of the provincial court, the situation of «harassment and emotional blackmail» is a direct cause of the minor’s death. Similarly, according to the decision, “after the young man killed himself, he continued to send him messages similar to the previous ones and even pictures simulating that he condemned him in the City of Justice of Valencia.”

“You will see how happy your parents will be”

The conversation, which took place on December 1, 2016, was initiated by the accused with a message that read: «Hi, do you want to sit on my cock? I’m a thousand, I’ll leave it to you cheap ». This was followed by hundreds of threatening messages, which were not discovered until eight months after the suicide, when the contents of the minor’s mobile phone were discarded.

The rest WhatsApp sent by the convicted man were the following: «The one with whom you wanted me to fuck you one day», «but from another phone», «pedal», «play a fool», «I am having the whole conversation on the other phone», «and what am I going to post with your phone number”, “you didn’t like jumping on a dick”, “now you’re going to jump for joy when this all comes out”, “I’m going to teach you not to waste the time of us who are dedicated to this ”, “you are a minor, improve for me by entering a minor page”, “you will see how happy your parents will be”, “ I will teach you not to worry”, “I am going for you”, “now I will you feel it more because tomorrow morning it will already be in the hands of my lawyer”, “you have a big problem”, “I don’t want anything, I want to see you in court”, “there you will tell me in front of the judges”, “I swear, that you’re leaving to eat a nice brownie’, ‘and if you’re younger, I have priority’, ‘how old are you?’, ‘tell me how old you are’, ‘don’t make me lose my temper’ and ‘you you have an advantage”.

He also sent the following content: “yes, I will do it to you”, “after seeing SpongeBob, not this”, “the judge will forgive you”, “and I will judge you in the Valencia Palace of Justice “, “and you’ll have to come accompanied by your parents”, “now I’m laughing”, “and if I told you now I want to see what happens”, “that’s when it’s done, damn it”, « ok now turn attention to consequences», «having thought about it before», «and if I blackmailed you, what would you do?».

“You want to jump now”, “you got yourself into this problem”, “and you will pay, I swear”, “if you kill yourself, you will leave the money to your parents”, “but they have your guardianship and are responsible for you until 18”, “I’ll understand if you kill yourself”, “don’t think this is the end of everything”, “now your discomfort begins”, “it’s not a joke, it’s very serious”, “I will take you to court”, “and my lawyer will read your conversation in front of your parents”, “you don’t know how far it will go”, “you poor thing that will get on you”, “for putting you on an adult page, I will ruin your parents for you”, “I will”, “what a scandal I’m going to make you”, “now you don’t want to fuck yourself anymore”, “okay, you fuck me one more day and now I’m going to do it”, “get ready”, “okay , your parents will see you in court”, “I will file a case against you”, “you will not avoid this because you are a minor”, “kiss”, “tomorrow when I file a case, I will send you the photo of the case”, « you’re going to screw up, I swear to my mother”, “now for my bravado”, “well that’s what you will have”, “now suffer the consequences”, “you will cry bloody tears in front of the judges and your parents”, “and let them know the son they have”, ” You will not have a good Christmas »and« They already have a great kiss for you , colleague » were his last messages.

They consider the sentence insufficient

He ignored the verdict of murder handed down by the magistrate aggravating superiority declared by the people’s jury. In this regard, the lawyer of the family of the juvenile who committed suicide, Juan Luis Serrano, evaluated the sentence as “not enough” and announced that he would appeal the sentence handed down by the court in Castellon, as explained to the ABC.

The lawyer understood that the aggravating circumstance of superiority “was demonstrated by the immaturity of the young man” and regretted that the decision applied the minimum sentence, in this case ten years. For his part, the defendant’s lawyer also confirmed that she will appeal the sentence to the Superior Court of the Community of Valencia.

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