Weight set exercise routine, how to choose the right one?

Depending on your strength and fitness level, your choice of weight set may vary.

Building a space in your home where you can do your exercise routine in the comfort of your home is an alternative so that not being able to go to the gym doesn’t become an excuse to avoid exercise.

Many people prefer to practice certain activities only in their personal space, which motivates them much more to be in shape to improve their health, take on personal challenges that they have suggested or have fun.

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For this reason, the conditioning of these spaces, which are intended only for sports activities, is a way of supplementing their routine activities with essential elements that contribute to improving their physical, mental and emotional appearance through exercise.

To find out a little more about the benefits and contribution of a weight set to your home, we spoke to Giovanni Villamil Amado, Professional Personal Training and Fitness Technician of the Center for Physical Culture and Physical Training, with 12 years of experience as a personal trainer.

When is it advisable to use weight sets in your routines?

According to Giovanni, “if you’re someone who’s never exercised and has a very sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to start with your own weight and as training progresses, weights are incorporated according to results and gains in strength, resistance, speed, motor skills.

Note that the indicated time to start using weights is relative and depends on the initial physical condition of the exerciser.

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What weights can be found on the market?

iron weights

These types of weights are the ones we are commonly familiar with and which are also found in gyms in heavy weight machines, barbells, discs and dumbbells. A set of weights of this type is quite functional to have at home, as you can find dumbbells of different sizes in the market that adapt to a person’s needs.

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handmade weights

On the other hand, a set of handmade weights made with cement and sand are a cheaper option, but just as functional and practical. With this type of weights, you will be able to adjust the loads according to your progress with less investment.

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How does using weights during exercise contribute to exercise?

According to the American Cancer Society, using weights for exercise has several benefits, ranging from strengthening muscles, to improving body balance and joint flexibility.

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Similarly, Giovanni confirms that “working with weights helps us gain strength, endurance, improve muscle tone in our body, in addition to activates our body and strengthens it on a muscular, bone and functional level”.

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When to increase the weight of your barbell set during training?

Since exercise is progressive work that requires time to notice progress, the change in weights is indicated by your own body, as the level of resistance that has been acquired is noticed as the physical conditions improve. and from there some leveling up in their routines.

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“As we train, we improve and gain physical conditioning, strength, endurance, speed and joint mobility, then we will improve and realize that the weight we trained with is lighter and we can move it more easily. “, confirms Giovanni.

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