Three plans in Colombia to celebrate the month of love and friendship with friends

La Guajira is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

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Traveling will always be a wonderful adventure, but these walks experienced in the company of best friends become the best opportunity to release stress, recharge energy and create special moments to remember for a lifetime.

However, for the experience to be truly enjoyable, it must be adapted to the tastes and needs of each group. Thinking about it, the travel company Colombia presents three types of trips that adapt to different tastes and budgets:

1. Escape to Cali, for party people

When it comes to going out to have fun, nothing better than doing it with people who know us better than anyone and even share our musical tastes. An excellent destination for this type of trip is the warm and welcoming capital of Valle del Cauca. During the day, this city offers numerous places to visit.

But since the plan includes dancing and fun, when the night falls, Cali becomes the home of salsa, allowing the rumba and joy to spread to all. In addition, the Caleños are excellent hosts and make visitors feel welcome.

The man: For this type of trip, prefer hotels located within the city and with great transport options 24 hours a day. Prioritize the hotel’s location over the amenities and luxury it offers.

2. For nature lovers, Guajira

Although Colombia has many spectacular destinations to commune with nature, each as surprising and unique as the others, La Guajira is one of the places that allow you to enjoy the fauna and flora in a unique way.

Friends who love ecotourism will have the opportunity to explore the many ecosystems that this beautiful department offers, such as deserts, mangroves or tropical forests, and which allow activities such as bird watching, hiking and even water sports on one of its beautiful beaches. .One of them is Mayapó, a hidden paradise that serves as the entrance to various Wayúu ranches.

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the man: Don’t let the strong sun spoil the adventure. It’s a good idea for everyone to have enough sunscreen and stay hydrated. It is also important to have a yellow fever vaccine, highly recommended for this destination.

3. Plan to relax and disconnect in Santa Marta

Many times the best plan for friends is to devote themselves. Therefore, for those who do not plan to do tourist activities or go on excursions, it is best to stay in a five-star hotel that provides all the amenities and plans to relax the body and mind. In this case, Santa Marta is an excellent destination, as it has a wide and modern hotel infrastructure equipped with the best amenities, as well as a great gastronomic variety and the best facilities to enjoy in a group.

Also, if you decide to leave the hotel one afternoon, this beautiful pearl offers some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, as well as a wide variety of establishments to spend an afternoon shopping and numerous restaurants and entertainment venues for all tastes and budgets.

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the man: Since the initial plan is to stay at the hotel, it is best to choose one that is All Inclusive. In this way, they will not think about the budget, but about having a good time 24 hours a day, enjoying the comforts and luxuries of the chosen property.

To help groups of friends make their long-awaited trip happen, Despegar will make it happen APP week, where they will be offering numerous deals on flights, hotels and packages. “Since the offers are exclusive through the APP, the best recommendation for Colombians is to download it on their mobile device and be attentive to the rain of promotions that will be offered. until September 11“, he commented Agnes Hochstadter, Country Manager of Despegar Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

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