Three girls between the ages of 13 and 14 were raped over the weekend Child sexual abuse, absent status

Over the weekend various facts about childhood sexual abuse where three girls between the ages of 13 and 14 are violent and in two of the cases hospitalization was required in Eva Peron Children’s Hospital. Although the causes were investigated and in some cases the aggressors were apprehended, the gaps in the system were obvious.

The first case that came to light involved a girl being raped. It is her father who rushes her to the hospital, where she is admitted and successfully recovers from her injuries. In the case, a teenager has been charged as responsible.

The second known case is of two girls, both sisters aged 13 and 14, who jumped from a moving van while being carried by a 58 year old subject who tried to abuse them. One of them, due to the injuries she received in the fall, also had to be hospitalized and detained by specialists from the Children’s Hospital. In this case, the aggressor was also detained, and the car was confiscated.

In both cases, we are talking about serious and preventable crimes in which the state plays a primary role.

Catamaran There is still no effective protocol for sexual assault complaints. Although an attempt was made to write from The judiciary together with other executive bodies For now, it consists only of a medical examination and sampling, and for minor victims – psychological help at the Children’s Hospital.

However, in the case of sampling or medical examinations, there are always revictimizations where they have to go back to be “examined” again, or the treatment is not adequate, or the trained doctors are not on duty and have to wait forever sitting on a chair. , as reported several times via Catamaran/12 associations that are organized to demand that the judiciary uphold its responsibilities and regulations.

This happens in a framework where court, published in its annual report that complaints from crimes against sexual integrity They have been increasing year after year since 2017. In the most recent period (2020 to 2021), the increase was 20%.

Meanwhile, Comprehensive sexuality education in schoolsDespite laws requiring its implementation in all public, private or municipal management schools (Catamarica adheres to the national law), it remains a pending issue in the province. The norm, through its main axes, which must be provided transversally, that is, in all subjects, teaches children, among other basic tools, to recognize violence and to care for their bodies.

At the same time, it teaches that sexuality is not and should not be a taboo subject and provides access to hundreds of teaching and learning tools through courses, websites, free handouts, and other materials that help teachers implement age-appropriate norms to the students. However, its compliance is uneven and studies continue to show that many children and adolescents require its implementation.

On the other hand, problem drug use of boys, girls and adolescents, is a scourge that is also increasing and for which there is no effective policy to curb it. The stark example of this failure is the girls who ran away from the 58-year-old subject who had loaded them into the truck.

The newspaper was able to learn that they are minors with problem consumption who have been excluded from the system for a year. Their mother tried to keep them imprisoned by the state, which is bound by Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents to do so, but the girls only recover in extreme cases at the Children’s Hospital and return to the same abusive situation without major changes or interventions from any of the three forces of Condition.

There are various initiatives in the provincial legislature that seek to prevent or include protocols for action to prevent childhood sexual abuse that have not yet been finally sanctioned.

Meanwhile, parents who have reported sexual abuse of their children wait years criminal investigation prosecutors pursue their cases and thus can obtain convictions for the aggressors. Some parents organized and promoted marches asking for justice, but there was no response. The same is true for parents of children and adolescents who have problematic substance use.

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