They are investigating if Vicente Lopez’s marriage was killed with one of his guns

The killers stole about $10,000, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars of 10 grams and diamonds.

The children of the couple shot two weeks ago in their house in Buenos Aires, the party of Vicente López denounced that in addition to the money and jewelry stolen from the safe, two guns that their father had in the property are missing, so now Prosecutors do not ruled out that one of them, a 9mm handgun, was used in their execution, judicial sources said.

The figures stem from the testimony – with which Télam agreed – that prosecutors in charge of the case took last Friday from Diego (48) and Martin Del Rio (47), sons of the victims Jose Enrique Del Rio (74) and Maria Mercedes Alonso (72).

“It’s missing a .22 and a 9mm, but I don’t know what brand,” said Martin, the youngest of the brothers and who he said has worked with his father since he graduated high school in administration for his father’s companies. , in the parking area of ​​the Federal Capital and private security.

The same son said that “recently” when his parents went to spend weekends at the house they have had for years in the province of San Diego de Moreno, his father “he put 22 back on the car”which he speculated to prosecutors on the theory that this might be why they were killed in the Mercedes Benz in the garage.

“All I can think of is that they found the revolver in the car. That’s why it occurs to me that the fury comes from this side”he explained.

My old man stayed upstairs with one of the guns in his room, many times he kept them on the bedside table
“My old man stayed upstairs with one of the guns in his room, many times he kept them on the bedside table.”

As for the other weapon, a 9mm handgun that matched the caliber of the murder weapon, Martin said his father — who, in addition to being a businessman and retired attorney, is a former police officer — “always had it in his bedroom.”

“I don’t know where the documentation is. I know it was a black nine (millimeters),” and added: “My old man stayed upstairs with one of the guns in his room, many times he kept them on the bedside table.”

The eldest son, Diego, who introduced himself as a “consultant” and clarified that he had only worked for one year in his father’s companies, also spoke about the weapons, although he clarified that this was referring to what his brother Martin told him.

“There always have been,” Diego said in his testimony when asked by prosecutors about the presence of guns in the house, though he clarified, “My brother knew there was a nine (millimeter) and a small gun.”

“My brother and I were talking about Dad having the gun in the box in the middle of the car where the parking brake is. I imagine it was the little girl, the little gun. But that’s what my brother said, I didn’t know it was there”he pointed out.

“When I was a boy, yes, dad was always armed, there were guns in the car. The truth is, I didn’t know I still had it there,” he said.

Judicial spokesmen told Télam that the Vicente López prosecutors in charge of the investigation – Martín Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semeria – do not rule out, in the absence of these weapons, that the killer(s) may have stolen them and that the 9 – millimeter pistol that was fired both in the living room of the house and in the car where the Del Rios were killed, regardless of whether it was the one that the pensioner had in his room.

Eldest son Diego also spoke about the guns, although he clarified that he was referring to what his brother had said
The eldest son, Diego, also spoke about the guns, although he clarified this by referring to what his brother told him.

Another point in the children’s testimony that the prosecutors emphasized is What assumptions do you have about the fact and why do you think they were in the car? when they were executed.

“The way I see it, someone got in with the key because there’s no broken door, there’s nothing violent.” I have no idea why my parents were willing to go out with their seat belts on,” Martin replied, and as to who might have made them leave voluntarily at a time when they normally wouldn’t leave the house, he replied, “No, the truth is, they didn’t i know I can think of who.”

“It strikes me that they are like that. I think they would have something to eat with friends, drink on the river. There, by checking the cameras there, you can find out something,” he suggested.

On this matter, Diego said: “Entry. It was an attention-grabbing Mercedes (Benz). Two old men in such a car in this house. I wanted them out of there just because of that.”

On Maria Ninfa Aquino (64), the couple’s employee who was detained on suspicion of being the ‘supplier’, Diego said: ‘Nina’ is missing a few players. He is a very limited person. I was in my house 12 years ago, but after listening to what is being said, one has doubts. He was in a very strange mood. I think my parents planned to take her to the Chateau” (referring to the Nunez building where the couple plans to move).

the subject of the move is also a point the brothers did not finish clarifying to prosecutors because although the couple packed everything to go from the house on Calle Melo to 1100 Vicente López where they were killed, it is not clear when they would have specified it and whether it was to that building in Núñez or to another department that one of the sons had rented in Forum Alcorta del Bajo Belgrano.

Diego testified that on Wednesday, August 24 – the day of the crime – he called his mother at 6:30 p.m. and did not answer, “thinking they had gone to the Chateau,” because the previous Sunday her said “we’re moving”. , so for him “it was a fact”.

“In theory, the Thai embassy would have rented (the house on Mello Street). My brother later told me it was a 36 month operation. I think my dad didn’t know how to tell my mom that he wasn’t going to make the move. All this was generated by my old man with Martin, the two of them strengthening each other all the time. They didn’t tell my old wife half the things“, he commented.

The thieves stole the hard drive with the photos from the house's security cameras
The thieves stole the hard drive with the photos from the house’s security cameras.

the double murder

The robbery and double crime took place between 4.48pm on August 24 – the time of Alonso’s last phone contact – and the following morning, the alleged time of death.

According to investigators, the killers of Del Rio and Alonso stole about $10,000, 1,500,000 pesos, 50 gold bars of 10 grams and diamonds before fleeing they took the hard drive with the footage from the security cameras of the house

The victims were seated in the front seats of a Mercedes Benz E350 with their seat belts on, with the woman on the driver’s side having been shot in the head and the male passenger having been shot three times.

The shooter executed them with a 9 mm pistol. back to front right to left so it’s thought it could be in the back seat.

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