The XV edition of “Musicians in Nature” expects to gather over 10,000 fans

The XV edition of the “Músicos en la Naturaleza” festival hopes to gather more than 10,000 fans on Saturday, September 10, at the Mesegosillo farm in Hoyos del Espino, in a performance that, on two stages, will allow Ainda to enjoy, Iván Ferreiro, Leiva and C. Tangana, as recalled this morning by the General Director of Quality and Environmental Sustainability of the Junta de Castilla y León, José Manuel Jiménez, during the presentation of all the details of the planned operation.

As reported, in statements collected by Ical, the assembly of the entire infrastructure of the concert and the parking lot began last Saturday and the work is proceeding at the pace planned by the organization. In total, there will be over 600 people who will be working throughout this week so that everything can develop normally.

Meanwhile, in terms of attendees, 39 percent are expected to come from Castile and León, 37 percent from the Community of Madrid and 7 percent from Cantabria, as the most significant figures. According to yesterday’s figures, a total of 1125 fans will come by bus from all the planned departures.

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