The Ministry of Education allocates 60 new vacancies for teachers and professors

A total of 60 teachers, between teachers and professors, will join the classrooms of the various public schools, institutes, the Official Language School and the Conservatory of our city next Monday 12.

The Melilla Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (ME and FP) published yesterday the provisional list of the second distribution of vacancies for the academic year 2022-2023.. In most cases it is part-time, although there are also full-time and temporary contracts.

As stated in the resolution of this invitation published yesterday, A period is now open until 11:59pm on 8th September (this Thursday) for any claims to be lodged against this provisional list at the District Directorate. A day later, on Friday 9, the final lists will be published. And from the publication of the decision of this list, the aspirants have to submit a series of documents until the same day, September 12, at 8 am.

As with all procedures related to interim lists, both claims and delivery of documentation must be done electronically only, in particular through the Common Electronic Register (REC). Specifically, all teachers must submit: the registration form, a photocopy of the social security card, and a negative certificate from the Central Sex Offender Registry. The latter document is mandatory for anyone who will work with minors. In addition, temporary new entrants must provide, along with previous applications: A photocopy of the required qualification and a photocopy of a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP) or Master’s degree in secondary education or documentation that accredits teaching training, where appropriate.

Socks optional

In the event that any candidate, for whatever reason, fails to follow the procedure set forth for formalizing the appointment, such person shall be deemed to have resigned from the position assigned to him.. However, it should be noted that temporary workers are not required to take up a vacancy if they are offered part-time rather than full-time work.

Likewise, the appointment does not take effect and remains pending until the center appointing the teacher confirms that he has joined his work within the specified period, i.e. next Monday. And, of course, it is also necessary to check that the applicant meets all the qualification requirements necessary for appointment as temporary staff.

In addition, and as stated in the resolution signed by the Provincial Director of Education in Melilla, Juan Ángel Berbel, any temporary teacher may refuse, in advance and in writing, to receive an appointment in any of the lists of the various bodies and specialties of which he is a part . Appointments may be withdrawn at any time during the school year and it is essential that they are made prior to this appointment. In this case, they will not be offered a place on that list during the academic year, regardless of whether they continue to remain on the other lists they were part of.

Places by majors

Of the 60 vacancies offered in the second call, all are part-time, except for 12 which are full-time and three which are on temporary contracts. By pedagogical corps and specialties, they are distributed as follows: in the pedagogical corps for secondary education there are four vacancies in philosophy, three in Spanish, four in geography and history, three in mathematics, four in physics and chemistry (one of them with a temporary contract) one in biology and geology, two in drawing, three in French, two in English, one in German (on a temporary contract), three on physical education, two on educational orientations (one on a temporary contract), three on technology (one (full-time), two in Economics, one in Business Administration, three in Training and Work Orientation (one full-time), one in Computer Science, one in Social-Community Intervention and one full-time in Process and Media .

Already in the Vocational Training (FP) Technical Teacher Corps, a position has been awarded in Thermal and Fluid Installation and Maintenance (full-time), another in Construction Project Offices (also full-time), one in Operations and Agricultural production Teams and one more for administrative management processes and seven (six of them full-time) for public services.

There is a new English teacher for the Official Language High School. And in the Conservatory there will be a free place for viola and another for violin. Finally, there are two positions on the teaching staff, both full-time: one for music at the Queen Sofia Special Education Center and one for elementary education at Leon Sola Public School.

first prize

As it will be recalled, all these vacancies join the more than 400 temporarily allocated by the Provincial Directorate on August 17. In this case, the teachers started work on September 1. In this case, virtually all of the vacancies that were allocated were full-time, with the exception of some positions in the Performing Arts Corps (clarinet, flute, piano, French horn and trombone) which were part-time. In addition, then a total of ten bilingual positions for early childhood education and twenty bilingual positions for elementary education were also awarded in the teacher corps.

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