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The principle of non-contradiction is one of the classic laws of logical thought. Aristotle defines it thus: “It is impossible for the same attribute to appear and not appear at the same time.” An example raised from time immemorial we have in the existence of God. God either exists or does not exist, but both statements cannot be true at the same time.

We have another more recent example in the post about the crisis experienced by many nightlife companies, the last sector to return to normal after the pandemic and which longed to experience Saturday night fever, which has neither arrived nor is expected. They attribute the frustration to a change in the trend of people when it comes to relationship, who have found virtual alternatives after the impossibility first and suspicion later, of flirting in nightclubs.

On the other side of the controversy, but sharing newspapers, the news that Match Group, the flagship of the dating app Tinder, is crashing in the stock market. In a letter addressed to its shareholders, they reported that the end of restrictions and the return to in-person social interactions had caused a growing loss of users over the past few months. That is: we are flirting in person again. In this particular Schrödinger drama, we fall in love individually, not at the same time.

“Business is business” or as we Spaniards and many Spaniards say: la pela es la pela. Because love can’t be measured, but the value of companies dedicated to speculating on it can be, and Facebook status changes from it’s complicated in a relationship to turn into millionaire losses. Are we falling in love beyond our means or are we falling short of your business expectations? Singles and potential niche market want to contribute our grain of sand, but we need clues, what to do? are we dating or not

Between these two conflicting forms of and what about mine, they really agree with each other in lamenting, among so many losses of singles, that of the younger population, which they would not know how to conquer to taste the honey of “love online” on the one hand, but for which the clubs also failed to recover from the previous crisis, when instead of interrupting nights out to resume them with more enthusiasm when their wallets were full again, the culture of the bottle spread , to reach previously unthinkable social strata. It has become popular that the fart is caught in the park in front of the disco where you enter last, go to the toilet together and take the perfect selfie with the rearranged mascara.

But aside from losing the singles and the bottle, don’t worry, there’s still room. We continue to be the bar of Europe. The National Statistics Institute counted 83.7 million foreign visitors who came to Spain in 2019. 73.1 million – almost 9 out of 10 – did so for vacation. If this free Happy Hour is sustainable or can be improved, we’ll talk about that another day, because we’re here today for the business of love that apps and party rooms play out.

He goes and it turns out that those of Generation X were, like the dinosaurs, an endangered species. Let’s stick out our chests and say that in addition to closing the clubs, we opened them. First in and last out. O youths! You’ll understand Rosalía’s songs without subtitles, but you have NO IDEA what it’s like to slow dance at the youth gala. These four dark walls of discs knew stories of love and heartbreak. Do you want to go out with me requests; ads we cut. Confidence, crying, kisses and too many horns. It doesn’t matter if we arrived with a Panda or a Renault 5, it was with a Simca 1000 or in the back seat of an old used Cadillac, to Merbeyé, at my feet, my city, where the children of us will have the children of the Relocation.

These were our “social interactions”. That’s how we contributed to the love business until we, you know… fell in love. And for Tinder, the future was to develop its own metaverse where you could “live” the experience of a romantic encounter between your avatar and your churri’s avatar Send Eggs Fortunately, we haven’t bought that crap – at least for now -.

Fuck everything virtual, everything fast! At least love, love, love! it will have to be done face to face…body to body. And with all the lights on – if possible out of the sun. Because at night all cats are brown and on Instagram all hearts have a filter. Because I don’t believe in technology, even though it exists, but in love… I do. More or less what some other philosopher since Aristotle has said, leaning against any night club bar at dawn: “Everyone has to believe in something. Like, I’m thinking of having another beer.”

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