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According to the Harvard Business Review, “by 2022, organizations will adopt new measures of employee health that take into account the financial, mental and physical health of employees to more accurately predict their performance and engagement.” In doing so, every company is seeks to launch initiatives that are adapted to the needs that they have found among their employees, taking into account the sector in which they work and the activity that they carry out, since a professional who has access to a hybrid work model than someone who has to go to work every day, whether in offices or manufacturing plants, or someone who has benefited from complete remoteness.

One of the star measures for most organizations is a commitment to promoting healthy habits among their employees, from nutrition advice to mindfulness classes, promoting sports as a way to improve not only physical health, but also mental health and teamwork.

Urban Sports Club is the largest sports network in Europe, offering access to more than 50 sports and thousands of centers, with outdoor and indoor activities and live and on-demand online classes that allow training even during business trips, online or in one of its European partners. And this is that, as Nicoletta de Luca, Director of People and Culture at Rastreator, a client of this platform, explains, “doing sports provided multiple benefits that go beyond getting in shape, and that’s what we wanted to offer our employees during this time: activities that help to disconnect, relieve stress and even improve back ailments caused by hours in front of the computer or to improve your rest. Exercise is also a powerful tool for promoting a spirit of effort, perseverance, teamwork and camaraderie. In this way, we transmit our values, following the pillar of our culture: concern for people. Our motivation is that every employee feels cared for, but at the same time the workers themselves lead a more active and healthy life. This generates greater personal satisfaction and motivation.”

Urban Sports Club emphasizes that providing sports activities to employees strengthens team cohesion, in addition to improving workers’ physical fitness. For this reason, they offer solutions tailored to client companies and provide support for any questions that may arise 24/7. In this sense, Veronica Bastos Pargas, People Operations at Fintonic, strongly recommends the platform: “I personally recommend it because with this app you have the opportunity to try different sports and discover new places and all the activities you really like. In addition, for the attention received by the team and for their great work, always looking for solutions and striving to promote the brand and attract the attention of employees through attractive communications that promote physical activity and psychological well-being”. The Urban Sports Club as a corporate benefit brings sports closer to the routines of these Fintonic employees, as they can experience all its different centers and activities, both close to the office and close to their homes. With the new hybrid working model that almost all companies have now, Urban Sports Club provides much more convenience so that you can train wherever you are.

Sports and post-holiday syndrome

Now that the holidays are over and you have to get back to your work routine, creating healthy habits will motivate employees and break the so-called post-holiday syndrome. Sport is a great ally for returning to work with energy and without stress; It will also reduce lack of concentration as it stimulates cognitive functions such as attention and relaxation.

Taking care of employees’ health is also an important part of the company’s image as an employer. Professionals feel listened to and cared for, see that the company cares about them, about their well-being both in the workplace and outside it. Thus, employees satisfied with the benefits provided by their company become the best ambassadors of a company that values ​​Employer Branding. In addition, studies show that investing in the health of the workforce has a good return. Thus, a study conducted by the network of clinics and hospitals Asklepios and management consultant Roland Berger among European companies in 2020 included among its conclusions that turnover decreased by 40%, turnover per employee increased by 11% and the value of the company’s shares increased by 76%. With this data, a corporate sports offering like that of the Urban Sports Club not only supports the physical and mental well-being of employees, but also promotes team spirit and attracts top talent who choose to work where they count. the overall health of the person.

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