Rosa Villacastín denies Rociíto about the love between her parents: “Juri himself told me that they have not touched each other for years”

Telecinco presents new chapters of In the Name of Rocio for free tonight at 9:55 p.m. After the airing of the first three chapters (the first two in the “Deluxe Special” in June, as a prelude to the premiere of the Mitele PLUS documentaries, and the third last Friday), the protagonist’s testimony advances with the release of two new episodes in which Rocio Carrasco pays tribute to the figure of his father Pedro Carrasco; tells how the appearance of Rachel Mosquera, who he will marry changes his life; and recounts the first differences due to the athlete’s legacy in the family and especially with his widow.

Before and after the airing of each of the episodes, Sandra Barneda will moderate a team of contributors and guestswho will offer their perspectives and analyze the testimony in detailsupported at various times by original documentation provided by Rocío Carrasco.

The premiere of “In the name of Rocio” will have the presence on the set of the main character, Rocio Carrasco, to analyze and comment on the content of the two episodes that will air throughout the night. In addition, the space will host the interventions of a group of collaborators.

To contextualize the content of this episode dedicated to Pedro Carrasco and Raquel Mosquera, we must go back to Chapter 2 of the documentaries, in which Tonadilera’s daughter categorically states that “My mother died in love with Pedro Carrasco, and Pedro Carrasco died in love with Rocio Jurado“, one of the testimonies that has penetrated the public opinion the most and which directly concerns the widowers of their parents, the hairdresser and bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano.

Well, in the last few hours, one of the world’s most dedicated journalists has spoken out against this speech on the set of “It’s Summer” to refute the ex of Anthony David Flores. Is for Rosa Villacastin who brought up a conversation he had in the past with the jury that would have destroyed his daughter’s speech about the separation from her parents. “It will hurt, Rossito, but it’s the truth, daughter. He tells me “we haven’t touched in years”. That’s what Rocio herself told me.” Vilacastin admitted what Dew Sworn told him about his relationship with Peter Carrasco, Rocio Carrasco’s father. A few words with which the collaborator wanted to show that they love each other very much for everything they share, but that they have not loved each other for a long time.

What will be seen tonight?

The figure of Pedro Carrasco, father of Rocío Carrasco and first husband of Rocío Jurado, centers much of the main character’s story in the first of two episodes that Telecinco airs this Tuesday. with the title “In the Name of Peter”Carrasco pays tribute to one of the best Spanish boxers in history and the third to become world champion with the help of some of his closest friends.

He also mentions his role as a father, his presence as a family member after the dissolution of his marriage to Rocio Jurado, and the impact that the appearance of Rachel Mosquerawhom he married in 1996. Finally, he reveals the last conversation he had with him before his death.

In the second part, the death on January 27, 2001 Peter Carrasco Due to a heart attack, this generated the first differences in part of the family, especially due to the inheritance of the boxer and his widow Raquel Mosquera. In the second episode of the night, titled “For Pedro’s Name (Part 2),” Rocio Carrasco also recounts how, in the midst of these family disagreements, her then-ex-husband launched a legal and media war against her. In this sense and providing documentation, Rocío Carrasco dismantles some versions and information published in the last two decades about what happened in those years.

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