Netflix details its new entertainment bets

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The platform announces the production of a new format with the production company of “La isla de las tentaciones”

Netflix Go back to Vitoria-Gazteis Festival to present its great entertainment bets in Spain. After the arrival of “Insiders”, “Amor con fianza” and “Soy Georgina”, among other spaces, the entertainment platform opened the presentations to the media, announcing the production of new original formats: “The stakes will continue to be very strong“.

“Only 5 reality shows, the fact that we are talking about numbers is something to be proud of,” says Alvaro Diaz, director of entertainment for Netflix, who emphasizes that there is an appetite for reality shows: “It’s amazing that” ” Georgina Soy” is in the top 10 in more than 62 countries”.

The main news of this new season on Netflix reality show for couples produced by Cuarzo, the company responsible for “La isla de las tentaciones”. According to Diaz, who declined to give his title, the format is in the final stages of casting and will have “technology that will revolutionize couples programming”: “It’s something more current than the ‘spotted eye’ of ‘Amor’ confidence ‘”.

Among the formats soon to arrive on the platform is second season of “Guaranteed Love”the reality show presented by Monica Naranjo, which will once again test the trust of different couples in a paradise setting in Sardinia: “It maintains the essence of the first, to have Monica who is in a state of grace. There is a very funny moment“.

I Am Georgina is also returning to Netflix with a new season in which he will continue to show some of the moments of everyday life in a rather complicated personal moment: “It was a special start to the season because he experienced the best and the worst of life.”

“It’s amazing how much Georgina has opened the doors of her life to us, but in this second season even more so.” There is a generosity on her part to tell what she lived,” said Diaz at the launch of this new season of entertainment content on the entertainment platform.

second, the space that will have no more releases on Netflix for the time being will be “Insiders”. After the first two editions, the platform excludes the creation of new installments, although it does not close the door to having them in the future, if they can find a premise as original as the one originally proposed: “It’s complicated.”

“We intend to bet on local and original ideas, but this is not incompatible with the recovery of an iconic brand in our country or an internationally recognized format,” said Alvaro Díaz, when asked about a possible bet to produce other reality shows known as ” Operación Triunfo ‘or ‘Glory’.

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