More than 1,600 boys and girls learned about the rules of the road while playing on the children’s road track in Tupungato

It is an inflatable theme park that simulates an urban space with relevant traffic signals, traffic lights (among others) and is coordinated by the local traffic enforcement body.

The Municipality of Tupungato continues to cultivate road awareness in schools and this time added a new resource to make learning more practical: a road track for children; which has reached thousands of little ones.

It’s an inflatable theme park – provided by the Road Safety Executive under the Department of Public Services – which simulates an urban space with relevant road signs, traffic lights (among others) and is coordinated by the local transit inspectorate.

The track, requested by the Road Safety Directorate, arrived in August and was presented for the first time on Sunday 21st at the monthly edition of the Tupungato Artisan Fair for the community to get to know and so the ‘little ones’ can enjoy yourself.

After that, the Department of Security – together with the Directorate of Education – drew up a schedule so that the departmental gardens and schools could approach the municipal sports ground, which is located next to the skate park, where the track was built.

From last month to today, boys and girls from rooms aged 4 and 5, as well as students from 1 to 4 grades have already passed.

The chain is also present at the Francisco Rizzo Municipal Sports Center, at the Children’s Day celebration, and in other spaces and activities such as Playón Deportivo de B° El Progreso (together with the municipal offer “Read, this is what matters”).

The officer in charge of Tupungato road safety, Sergio Galdame, said that around 1,600 boys and girls were able to consolidate their knowledge of this subject and use the track: “We had the initial level, which is the smallest and at this level, the main something is the game so that we can get them involved in what the track is and the training that the inspectors offer in terms of what they see on the streets and what we need children at this age to start learning, we too we have a lot of cooperation from the teachers and then we have the next level up to fourth grade which according to the height we consider using the kart that the track has and we also offer a talk for those who can’t get on because of their height, in general we want all the boys to can attend the track in one way or another and we will also visit the remotest areas of our department”.

The purpose of this action is to continue the work that the Municipality is doing on the principles of road safety in the educational sphere (following the provisions of the Road Safety Act), as well as to extend it to the general public. The proposal invites and allows to experiment through this innovative and comprehensive tool how coexistence between passers-by works or should be and shows that all citizens must know and respect traffic rules and laws.

“They made small groups of four kids who were ‘inspectors’ and another 4 who drove the go-karts, they had to be very careful, if the traffic light was red or green, then an ambulance was passing and they had to be careful if it came in a hurry. It was really very interesting” said teacher Lorena García about the experience of the students of Toro School.

In the same vein, apprentices also wear the hats and vests of Tupungato Traffic Wardens and even receive their ‘driver’s licence’ for paying attention and putting into practice what they have learnt.

To know in more detail

The track is 25m long and 12m wide, has a roundabout, 2 traffic lights and various vertical and horizontal road signs (“Give way”, “Rotunda”, “Contramano”, “Stop”, “Hospital”, “Parking prohibited”; indicators for speed “Maximum 40” and “Maximum 10”, footpaths, sidewalks) and also – as mentioned – simulating an urban space and being inflatable, there are also small trees. As for the karts that act as vehicles, there are a total of 5 pedals, with seat belts.

“We want to inculcate in them empathy, love for the other, understanding that the other is also part of the public road and that in the place that touches them, in this case now as children, they will be part of a vehicle or companion fathers as pedestrians , so whatever role they play as bystanders should be with empathy and responsibility, that’s the idea” Galdam reaffirmed the intention of this traveling theme park.

The circuit will continue in Tupungato this month, ensuring that more boys and girls can get to know and learn about it.

Source: Tupungato Municipal Press

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