Laura Zapata Warns Talia About Yolanda Andrade’s Family: ‘Very Dangerous’

Laura Zapata asked Thalia to take care of her social connections, in particular Yolanda Andrade (Photos: Instagram @laurazapataoficial / @thalia)

After Yolanda Andrade will respond to Laura Zapata on Twitter, calling her “guarded” by Waistthe tension between the two famous Mexicans became more than apparent.

And it is that a few days ago the 66-year-old villain caused a furore by asserting that Mexicans “are asses”, that in allusion to those who benefit from federal government welfare programssuch as the Benito Juarez scholarship or the Bienestar pension.

That’s what Laura Zapata said on the show He sees you atypically of Carlos Alazraqui, and her speech earned her thousands of criticisms on social networks, where she was branded as class and not particularly sympathetic to Mexican society.

The actress then elaborated on her point and explained that she was referring to the “chairs”, but her justification also drew mixed reactions.

“I said we were a country of idiots and I meant the chairs, to those selling their conscience, selling their voice and dignity. Of course, I didn’t mean all Mexicans, because there are wonderful Mexicans, they look at us a lot, they sweat a lot in the fields, they work a lot,” said the actress in a link to the program Gossip.

Following the response to his comment by Yolanda Andrade, who wrote to him on Twitter: “Mexicans are not idiots! You are the egg! You’re done with the corn Talia gave you, get to work!” Zapata has now addressed the issue, claiming he fears what could happen.

Zapata assured that Andrade
Zapata assured that Andrade “is one of the weapons to master” Photos: Cuartoscuro//Instagram @thalia//Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

And that’s it Laura Zapata made Yolanda Andrade responsible in case something happened to herand assured that he had already warned his younger sister about suspected criminal connections the driver’s family has on Montse and Joeas recently talked about and spread by the actress herself on her Twitter profile.

“Imagine what society, man is dangerous, It’s very dangerous, huge horrors have come outfrom his father, from his family… I didn’t know what people uploaded, how scary, I thought he was arguing with a person on air, but not with these such a serious origin”expressed the veteran actress at a recent meeting with reporters.

The former candidate for a political position said that her sister is a married woman with children and a family, so she should renounce any relationship with Yolanda Andrade, since she is supposedly a caring person.

Yolanda Andrade bragged about maintaining Thalia's friendship over the decades (Photos: Twitter/TvAztecaJalisco // Instagram@thalia)
Yolanda Andrade bragged about maintaining Thalia’s friendship over the decades (Photos: Twitter/TvAztecaJalisco // Instagram@thalia)

“I sent these records to Thalia telling her the waters!, because Talia is married, has children, has a husband, a serious person by her side, He’s a person who takes a lot of care of himself,” said the villain, who will soon appear alongside Lorena Herrera, Sylvia Pascal and Lucia Mendes in reality show on Netflix always queens.

Zapata, who recently lost her grandmother Mrs. Eva Mange at the age of 104, accused the driver of unique for anything that might happen to him.

“I say it publicly, I am responsible for what happens to me, to whatever my property issince he knows where I or anyone close to me live, I hold this person responsible, whom we have already seen to be a thief,” he said.

Yolanda assured that Talia supports her sister financially (Photo: Instagram/@yolandaamor)
Yolanda assured that Talia supports her sister financially (Photo: Instagram/@yolandaamor)

Similarly, Camila’s aunt Sodi expressed her desire for Talia to make a video explaining that she is “unguarded” to clean up her image.

“You will have to make me, please, please, a video in which you say that I am not supported, that you did not support me, that is, what happened because I invited you and I have opened the door to this environment for you, but before you start working on itI was already working and living from it,” he added.


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