Laura Hernandez lives love to the fullest

The spark was born some 30 years ago, but it wasn’t until 2018 that they reconnected to give each other a chance to get to know each other better and let the attraction flow calmly, without rushing, embracing the friendship that will lead to romance. which they celebrate today.

“We lived in the same neighborhood, we were neighbors,” said businesswoman Laura Hernandez about her first meeting with businessman Jorge Ruiz, who until then, like her, lived in Cupay, San Juan.

“It was something very short, very very short. After we dated three times, everyone went on with their lives,” he continued during a phone interview from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they live together. The communicator reflects on how the age difference at the time, in the 1990s, probably contributed to the failure of the attempt.

“19 to 25 years maybe not much,” he analyzed of the six years in between. But note that they lived different stages. “It wouldn’t have worked at the time,” said the owner of True Colon Hydrotherapy Spa with conviction. Despite everything, both agree that the meeting happened at the right time. “Back in 2018 we more or less started talking because Jorge wrote me, he came out of nowhere.”

Through a digital platform for business use, Ruiz contacted her to congratulate her. But the answer to the greeting did not come immediately, her lover recalls.

“The story is a bit funny because I swore Laura had an assistant and she was responding to her messages, all that exuberance typical of the artistic realm,” he said of the communication that began two years after the book was published. Free from prisonof the communicator.

“I sat around waiting for about a month for Laura’s ‘assistant’ to respond. Looks like she hasn’t looked at the pro app,” he added as his girlfriend’s laughter could be heard in the background.

“About a month,” he replies. He didn’t know anything about everything that was going on and he said to me ‘are you calling me to congratulate me on the book?’ but very well, congratulations.” I lived in Florida. scroll forwardI fell in love with hydrotherapy, which she talked about and promoted so much, and we even became partners and I guided her, I was instrumental in bringing it (Hernandez’s business) to the United States and how everything had to be done, because my strength is the field of business, finance and taxes,” he detailed the clinic, which opened in 2019 along the same lines as the one the former TV host has in Puerto Rico, which promotes deep cleansing of the intestines to alleviate problems with constipation, detoxifies and supports weight loss.

In the process of resuming communication, the chemistry flowed without tension, Laura shares.

“It was very organic, I must say. We talked and talked and talked on the phone. And suddenly (he said) “I’m going to visit Puerto Rico,” and there we started seeing each other little by little until we felt comfortable enough and committed enough to each other to take that step. It was a difficult decision on an emotional level, because there is always a fear, “what if I’m wrong?”, “what if this is not right?”, “what if I rush?”, because over time one has made many mistakes and you don’t want to repeat them ” she said thoughtfully.

“But, thank God, with mistakes comes a little bit of wisdom and at the time I had to make the decision, I put it in God’s hands and I felt in my heart that I had to do it, I wanted to take the risk thinking.” It was the right thing,” he said. The actress was married to Maximiliano Paglia (2000) and Marcos Irizarry (2002).

When we talk about the affinity that unites them, there is no lack of praise.

“What won me over and drives me crazy about Laura is how spontaneous she is. She was always a brilliant woman. As a child, she always spoke with very good diction, she is very concentrated. I think Laura had the (professional) path already mapped out from a young age,” the 23-year-old’s father revealed.

The communicator admires the entrepreneurial talent of his partner, the complicity in working on common projects. “We did three marathons together this year,” he revealed, praising Ruiz’s athletic performance. “It’s something we’re passionate about and we really love running. We are both passionate about the same thing and it is part of everyday life, there is synchronicity, the priorities”.

They both agree not to rush their intention to marry. “Marriage is no guarantee of anything. We’re happy and there’s no pressure that it has to be now or on this date,” she said with conviction, prompting a response from Ruiz, who supports her position. “The commitment is there. We have a spiritual commitment, period. We are not pushing anything and waiting for all the projects to point us in the right direction”.

He is working on his second book.

Six years ago, Laura Hernández published the book in which she recounts experiences related to the three years she spent in prison in the Dominican Republic after she was arrested in 2002 with her then-partner Marcos Irizarry on drug trafficking charges. But now she is working on a publication that discusses her role as a certified colon hydrotherapy therapist and the benefits of the practice.

“When I was able to do the 2016 book, which was a valuable experience, I decided that I wanted to do another one, but it was still not clear how, when, what the topics would be,” admits the businesswoman, who has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Economics and an M.A. in Digital Journalism.

“We’re going to talk about alternative therapies that have helped me heal physically and spiritually,” he said of the project, which is still in the works. “Also, I want to tell things that I didn’t tell in the first book, about my past, about my experiences, and that I know will also be useful. Nothing negative. I want to talk about the positive, about what I learned”, she emphasized categorically.

Although he was interested in television for a while and he does not rule out a return, he admits that it is not a priority for now.

“A lot of doors opened, especially as a result of the book, when I published it in 2016. I started working with Ruben Sánchez, also with Francisco Zamora. This year was very crucial for me. See, sometimes you dream so much about one thing, and when you hold it in your hand, you realize that it’s not the time,” he reflects, and mentions that his life as a couple in Florida, as well as the projects with his clinics, are now on – heavy.

“I know at some point I will be back, but God will know that. I feel in my heart that this will happen.”

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