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“Bennifer” sealed their love story by tying the knot on July 16 in Las Vegas, 20 years after they met, in a secret wedding. On this occasion, the holiday of the actress Jennifer Lopez and the actor Ben Affleck It was private, and on Saturday, August 20, they had a big party in Georgia; however, a series of unfortunate events almost ruin what would have been one of the happiest weekends of their lives, surrounded by their children from their previous marriages, family and close friends. What happened? JLo herself was responsible for narrating all the details.

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A few days ago, the singer officially shared not only the footage of the lavish wedding at her now-husband’s mansion in Savannah, but also what she experienced on that magical night and the fear they felt that they could not carry out all their plans.

The unfortunate events leading up to the wedding

Almost two weeks after the big party, Jennifer Lopez shared in your newsletter “J.Lo’s” days before, the whole family had stomachaches. “We all got stomach issues and recovered by the end of the week which, along with a few other unexpected hiccups, made for a great wedding weekend”wrote.

That was not all, because time also played tricks on them “This week it rained every day at sunset (…) Everyone was worried about the heat. Not to mention the thunder and lightning that came almost immediately every day at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to begin that Saturday.”. But this day everything was different and at exactly 18:45 on August 20, the sun was shining brighter than ever.

“The sky was pure blue and distant pure white clouds were clinging to the sky. As the sun set behind the mossy oaks, a warm breeze swept across the grass where our closest family and friends sat, and I finally made my way down the stairs that would become the hallway that would lead me for the rest of my life. “said.

Also, although JLo didn’t mention it in her newsletter, the mother of Ben Affleck He has a domestic accident and an ambulance arrives at the Georgia mansion. Due to the fall and the cut wound on her leg, she had to be taken to the hospital, it is specified by Daily Mail.

Jennifer Lopez shared details about the party held at Ben Affleck’s mansion in Savannah, Georgia. (Photo: @chrisappleton1 @tombachik / Instagram)

JLo’s feelings during the wedding

Despite the incidents, the truth is this Jennifer Lopez He assured that he never doubted that everything would be perfect and that he was making the best decision 20 years after he first fell in love. “Some wounds were healed that day and the burden of the past was lifted from our shoulders. We have come full circle and not as we had planned. [Fue aún] better (..) For us it was the perfect moment. Nothing has ever felt more right to me.”.

She remembered that when they were planning to get married at the time, Marc Cohn’s song “True Companion” would play when she walked in and for this 2022, she gave a big surprise to Ben Affleck asking the author to sing it without telling her fiance.

“However, as I walked down the aisle, the first song that played wasn’t ‘True Companion.’ It was his “The Things We’ve Handed Down,” a song about the wonderful mystery of children, something we could only guess about at the time. But it was the perfect choice, as our five children preceded me in the parade (…) The twenty years between those dreams of youth and the grown-up world of love and family we embraced that day have contributed more to this marriage than anything from us he could not imagine. We didn’t just get married; we reunited these children into a new family,” he added.

Jennifer Lopez shared intimate details and photos from her wedding weekend with Ben Affleck.  (Photo: OnTheJlo)
Jennifer Lopez shared intimate details and photos from her wedding weekend with Ben Affleck. (Photo: OnTheJlo)

Then he did sing “True Companion,” and Ben told J.Lo “that the chords of the song and seeing Mark Cohn surprised him and allowed him to feel the way that both roads we’d traveled had found their way, inevitably, inexorably and perfectly together.’

Finally, she revealed that on her wedding night, she and Affleck had a big laugh about the fact that they were getting married now, she was 53 and he was 50. “To be able to love someone, to want to be better for them and to make them happy, because giving happiness and love becomes more joyful than receiving it, is true sublime love for adults”he reflected on his official page.

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