From the traumatic end of their relationship to the romance that surprised the NBA: Larsa Pippen’s behind-the-scenes photos with her son Michael Jordan

Larsa ex-wife of Scotty Pippen (@larsapippen)

In the last few hours, the news has been heavily installed around the show that surrounds the NBA. last sunday Larsa Pippen, Scotty’s ex-wifehistorical former player of the best basketball league in the world, was photographed on location in Miami with Marcus Jordanone of the sons of the sports legend who, along with the aforementioned Scottie Pippen, were crowned champions six times with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

Footage from the meeting at the popular Japanese restaurant ZOOMwhich took place at lunch and in which the two were photographed sitting side by side, toasts were raised TMZ Sports. Marcus is 31 years old, he is the second son of the historic 23, and I only got to play basketball until college. In 2016, he created a high-end sneaker store called “Trophy Room”which since 2019 has become an online site.

But why was there such a buzz about the new relationship Larsa might be starting? The marriage with the former number 33 of the Bulls officially ended on December 15 of last year. After separating in 2018 following an impasse in 2016, the couple agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their two minor children, Justin (16) and Sofia (13). In addition, both were parents of Scotty Jr. (21)who signed a contract to join the Los Angeles Lakers for the new NBA campaign, and Preston (19).

In statements after her divorce, Larsa talked about how tough Scotty was with her about certain attitudes. “I was traumatized. If he doesn’t get his way, he punishes me.”he said in reference to trying to convince him to sell his Miami mansion and in return his ex-partner demanded that his youngest daughter move back to Los Angeles with him.

Jordan's son Marcus pictured with Larsa Pippen (TMZ)
Jordan’s son Marcus pictured with Larsa Pippen (TMZ)

In this year 2022, Larsa herself told how she went through the stage after her breakup. “I feel like I’m in a place mentally: I was married to a really famous guy who was really cute, who had a great body, who was really successful and who gave me four beautiful children.”he explained on the podcast Melissa Gorga on display. “So where the hell are you going to find a guy you can like, fill, doesn’t have to be all of those, but any of those slots? It’s a bit difficult. I thought it would be easier to be honest with you.”

And finally, who was one of the reality TV characters The Real Housewives of Miami, detailed how he felt when he was left alone after his breakup. “Once I started dating, I thought I was going to have to realize that I wasn’t going to get everything. I had a great run. I had a great relationship.”

You should review that Larsa has already been in the news in recent months for two situations that put her in the center of the scene. In December of There was talk of an alleged relationship between Brony, LeBron James’ oldest son. It all stemmed from an emoticon response the young player gave to a photo Pippen’s ex-wife posted on her Instagram. What angered the James family was journalist Robert Littal’s information from the portal OSTwho assured that the two were exchanging messages, suggesting that there was a relationship between the two.

Pippen's ex-wife had an affair with an NBA player who had an affair
Pippen’s ex-wife had an affair with an NBA player who had an affair

“I just liked the picture of one of my best friends’ mom. They are all very childish,” Broni said to dispel any speculation. For her part, Larsa was frank. “These stories are so disgusting. The fact that my kids’ friends can’t like my pictures without some people writing some weird shit is crazy. I will sue you for writing these vile lies,” he wrote.

Previously, Larsa Pippen has confirmed that she had an affair with an NBA figure who had an affair. The scandal then exploded in the international press Malik Beasley, part of the Minnesota Timberwolves, dated the legendary player’s ex-wife when he was still in a relationship with Montana Yao. Faced with the conflict, the escort’s girlfriend, also the mother of his son, files for divorce.

“I Googled them when I met him, they weren’t together,” Pippen’s ex-wife recalled over a year ago. “We had talked about it. It wasn’t a secret. I know a lot of people who are married and dating. I have played this role. So for me, if you’re not suspicious and tell me all your stuff, I’ll believe you,” admitted the main character in the show Hollywood unlocked from Fox soul.

Scotty and Larsa had 4 children.
Scotty and Larsa had 4 children.


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