‘Don’t Worry Baby’: What’s Known About Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, Shia LaBeouf and Florence Pugh’s Romance

The premiere of the film Don’t worry, honey, director Olivia Wilde’s second production, received a seven-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. But although the audience’s applause was intense, scandals and controversies marred the release of the psychological thriller.

That Harry Styles spat in his co-star Chris Pine’s face, that Florence Pugh was upset that Styles got way more than her for his lead role in the movie. Shial LaBeouf was allegedly fired from the film for Pugh’s defense. In short, for months now, the audience’s interest in Wilde’s output has been more about what happened during the filming of the film than what might soon be seen on the big screen.

The latest news about this scandal became known after a press conference that took place in Venice before the premiere of the film at the prestigious festival. At this event, the media and social networks present confirmed the uncomfortable situation experienced by the characters of the film.

But before we get to what qualifies as a spat from the former One Direction singer on his co-star Chris Pine, let’s review everything he had to deal with Don’t worry, honey before it hits theaters.

Harry Styles by Shia LaBeouf: In September 2020, it was announced that the British singer would replace actor Shia LaBeouf in the lead role in the film. Rumor has it that the performer was fired for inappropriate behavior on set. In recent days, however, LaBeouf himself denied the situation and stated in a letter to the director that he was the one who left the project with allegations of problems in rehearsals in order to coordinate with the rest of the actors.

“I left your movie. You and I know the reasons for my departure,” the translator wrote.

Harry Styles and director Olivia Wilde are dating: The director was in a nine-year relationship with actor Jason Sudeikis (ted lasso), from this love affair were born their children Daisy and Otis; but in 2019, the couple announced their separation.

For their part, in January 2021, Styles and Wilde monopolized the entertainment news by appearing in photos holding hands during a wedding in Los Angeles. The news of the director’s new relationship with the main character of her film spread like wildfire.

Notice of Custody of Your Children: In a somewhat risky move and possibly intended to expose her, director Wilde was handed an envelope during her screening of the film at Cinema Con in Las Vegas in April.

During a panel where he was discussing the production, Wilde received an envelope containing some documents. She opened it, thinking it was some kind of prank, only to find the news that her ex-partner was notifying her to settle custody of their children. Olivia, realizing what was in the envelope, could only say, “Okay. I have it. Thank you”.

The bad relationship with Florence Pugh: It is also rumored that the lead actress in the film did not have a good relationship with the director or Styles. Magazine Page six he claims that during the recording, Pugh was irritated by the displays of affection between Styles and Wilde.

Pugh does not promote the film: Unlike other productions in which she works, actress Florence Pugh does not advertise on her social networks Don’t worry, honey. It only did until a few days ago, when it released a post about the Venice premiere.

The strange press conference in Venice: This Monday, the director and some of the actors in the film attended a press conference ahead of the premiere at the film festival. However, the big absentee was Florence Pugh, who did not arrive at the meeting. According to the director, the actress was absent because she had other film commitments. Dunes 2, of which he is also a part.

In other points that media present at the press conference highlighted, he highlighted that actor Chris Pine appeared to be in what netizens described as “astral projection”. It is said that the attitude of the translator was that of a distracted person who did not feel comfortable in the place.

No contact between stars: Opening night was also a breeding ground for rumours. First, because Pugh and Wilde were seated four seats apart, and also because during the standing ovation, there was not a single moment in which the actress and her director made eye contact or interacted on the red carpet. According to rumors, this confirms that they are not on good terms.

Wage gap: The Hollywood Reporterin turn, He explained another situation that keeps the actress and the director apart. Pugh reportedly received $700,000 for his role in the film, while Harry Styles received a total of $2.5 million for the work. This situation was denied by Wilde in an interview, she stated that there was no validity to the wage gap claims.

The spit: Finally, at the big gala for the film’s premiere in Venice, a video that went viral on social media showed what netizens described as Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine. This fact, which has not been confirmed or denied, would have happened while the two translators were sitting in the seats in the movie theater.

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