Darío Sztajnszrajber, “rock star” of philosophy who talks about love and arrives in Sodre – TVshow – 09/06/2022

In the field of philosophy, Dario Steinsreiber he’s a rock star And he has a lot to build on this image: he is a broadcaster, a professor, full theaters and has written several The best-selling. Also, drive on the radio too humanand on television Lie the truth. She is also an influencer with more than 420k followers on Twitter and almost 900k on Instagram.

In his social networks, he is shown exercising, giving conferences in Germany or with his dog Mina. And on top of that, he gives talks that turn into successes. It was presented on October 26 and 27 at the Antel Arena with two talks, and tomorrow it will be presented at the Adela Reta del Sodre Auditorium. Tickets from Tickantel from 700 pesos.

As a rock star of philosophy and love is impossiblethe conversation that takes him to Uruguay – where he presents five theses on the impossibility of love – spoke to El País.

Dario Steinschreiber.  Photo: Raoul Schiavazzapa
Dario Steinschreiber. Photo: Raoul Schiavazzapa

“Do you feel like a rock star of philosophy?”

– I’m really surprised. Years go by and I can’t believe the impact generated by this work of spreading philosophy. It started with the arrival of a young person, my first works were from TV programs on the Encuentro channel that reached the classrooms and a very special phenomenon happened that the children took these things that I do into their homes and they dragged their parents along. It was an unexpected effect.

— This is due to the clear language for all audiences.

-yes Disclosure has two main legs: pedagogical in the sense of simplicity and giving thousands of turns to one idea; and it is the possibility of everydayness of subjects that generally seem elitist, abstract or too solemn to be taken into everyday life. For example, you have a birthday and you feel a tinge of sadness and you realize that you actually have a problem, and even though common sense says that a birthday should be a “boom up”, you continue to realize that you are approaching death. They are those topics on which philosophy works and which do not give them a place in everyday life. The third thing is to remove this apparatus from philosophy and connect it with art.

Dario Steinschreiber
Dario Sztajnszrajber, a philosopher with a large audience

– Is love overrated?

— There is a hegemonic or dominant form of love that is overrated. That doesn’t mean it’s love itself, because I don’t think there’s only one version of love. The problem is that our society imposes this reading of love, as if it were the only one upon which our loving subjectivity is built. So, the first and most important thing is to deconstruct this hegemonic form; and in this deconstruction it is noticed that there is a more banal concept of love associated with the subject. Love has become rather a possession of the person who seeks to complete himself and loses the most interesting thing that love has: meeting the other. If love is always from the other, then it can hardly close us or allow us to expand. What is overrated is the idea that by falling in love you will achieve the meaning of life. Life has no meaning, so thinking that with love you will achieve that meaning is another of the illusionistic components of the love version.

— You dealt with love in Lie the Truth and Too Human, but in Montevideo you will present five theses about the impossibility of love.

— There are five approaches to why we think this impossibility is what gives love its differential. The impossibility of love is not a negative thing, the negative thing is to believe that the impossibility of love can be achieved. By being aware of this, we will be able to disarm the false forms in which love appears in our lives and ultimately convince ourselves that we are cut off by a love that is ultimately still selfish, manipulative, pharmacological, religious. We must disarm those figures of love in which we have been brought up, so that if there is real love, it will wear us out and cause a revolution in the way we love and treat each other.

“Can any of these theses be advanced?”

– There is one who says that love is impossible because it always arrives at the wrong time. Now, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but rather that it requires or challenges us to see if we can change our relationship with time. How our daily life is a life intersected by linear, chronological time, which does not allow us to connect in a more qualitative way with our emotions and feelings.

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