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In Colombia they celebrate the day of love and friendship third Saturday in September and not like most countries that consider February 14 as Valentine’s Day.

The reason it is not celebrated in Colombia at the beginning of the year is that it is precisely on these dates the beginning of the school year, for which the cost of study materials comes at the same time as the cost of gifts for lovers and closest friends.

Origin of the day of love and friendship

The celebration of this date is associated with the day of St. Valentine, who was apparently a priest who performed his Catholic duties during the Emperor Claudius II.

According to the emperor’s orders, there was a ban soldiers could marry. In contrast, the priest San Valentin defied the emperor’s decrees, which led him to be arrested and executed.

Valentine is considered a martyr of lovers, who died at the hands of the Roman Empire led by Claudius II 14 February. Later, Gelasius I, in AD 494, decreed this date as a day to commemorate couples celebrate

However, the holiday ceases to be purely religious and comprehensive trade in gifts and romantic events.

Day of Love and Friendship in Colombia

Unlike other countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day at the beginning of the year, as mentioned above, in Colombia this date does not represent the same commercial advantages, because many families during this time have to pay for their children’s school supplies. Therefore, celebrating the day of love at the beginning of the year represents a of expenses in finance from many homes.

For reasons that this date is a great opportunity for trading details and plans as a pair, In 1969, an agreement was reached between the traders to move the date to September, to be precise the third Saturday of the month. That’s because September had no rest iconic that would motivate an economy as distinctive as Valentine’s.

Secret Friend Game.

But this date It’s not just about celebrating the love of a couple, but also to celebrate friendship. One of the most iconic traditions among Colombians is to play “secret friend”.

This activity takes place between several people who are friends or simply belong to a common group.

It consists in assigning to each individual a name other than secret way so during the date give a gift the main idea is that no one knows who they will get the details from. For which the assignment is usually performed by folded pieces of paper which are named after each other.

Said sheets of paper in a bag and each player draws one at a time in case the person draws his own name You will have to make another round. The name of the person appearing on the slip will be the one to whom the gift is to be given, but that person in there is no time You should know before the date.

Activities in Bogotá for September 17

The third Saturday of the month, the official day of love and friendship in Colombia, the capital of the country offers various events to spend a nice day with your partner or friends.

Here are some of the highlights for the day:

RealMix Festival 0.2: This festival will run from September 1 to 30 and will be held in Planetarium in Bogotá under the Art, Science and Technology line organization of Ideartes. In this you can see works by raugmented reality and virtual reality of national and international artists.

Coldplay and Metallica Laser Show: These exhibitions will take place in Planetarium in Bogota, The ticket can be purchased from your ticket office or at the box office, the prices are:

Adults: $20,350

Children or students: $16,300

Disabled: 10,200 dollars

Adult: 10,200 dollars

Family combination: $60,550 *4 people

Hours of operation will be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Jazz in the Park: On September 17 and 18, this music festival will take place in country park in the city of Usaquén will include performances by artists such as: Guinga from Brazil, Fatua Trio from Pasto, Papayebrass from Santo Tomás (Atlantico) and the winning bands from Bogotá from the District portfolio of Stimulus, as reported by Ideartes.

Philharmonic Synthesis with the Crusao Ensemble: Will count as guest director: Leonardo Marulanda, starting at 7:30 p.m Colsubsidio Theater, Av. El Dorado #25-40.

Other events that residents and guests can attend during the celebration of love and friendship are:

Coldplay concert: at the “Nemesio Camacho el Campin” stadium starting at 6:30. Remember that attendance at this event is only allowed for people who have pre-purchased their tickets.

Wild Brunch: at the Autopista Norte Event Center, where attendees can enjoy a futuristic experience from 3:00 p.m. (ticketed entry)

The Home Fair: On September 1st and 18th, this event will be held at Corferias.

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