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Real Zaragoza face a new season with doubts hovering over the club’s immediate future. After a poor start to the campaign with 2 points from a possible 12, Miguel Torresilla and Raul Sanlehi came out to give explanations for theirs way of acting in the summer transfer market. The management of the club has shown some composure when it has to offer its point of view on the operations carried out. In fact, the CEO of the white cast decided not to limit the questions by the journalists gathered in the press center of La Romareda. This has made the look last longer than expected. For about an hour and ten minutes, Sanllehí and Torrecilla explain the market.

And the truth is that both of them are satisfied with the results achieved. A total of 23 operations, which seem scarce given the composition of the pattern, but which satisfy those responsible for the preparation of the pattern. The Raul Sanlehi-Miguel Torresilla tandem has now become a de facto couple, with their pickets and their battles. Despite everything, they go to one and have complete trust in the other, although in front of the public their gestures seem forced and insincere. The tone they decided to embraceled by great communication work being plannedmakes every statement made by the representatives much closer.

Defined Strategy: Synergies and Rigor

Raul Sanllehi began his opening statement by explaining his idea of ​​painting to convert a new club model. Above all, the insistence that the pinnacle of decisions is always the rigor with which they are made. For the Catalan executive, his idea of ​​a club is based on four vertices: two vertical and two horizontal. «First, in the verticals, the coach of the first team above and below, the director of grassroots football. On the horizontal, the business management and on the other side the sports director“, assured Sanlehi, who clearly shows that he is convinced of the strategy to follow. In these four peaks are Juan Carlos Carcedo, Miguel Torresilla, Ramon Lozano and the general director himself, who are the four visible persons who embodied the project, ignoring the figure of Jorge Mas, president of the club.

New Board of Directors
Jorge Mas with Gustavo Serpa, Raul Sanlehi and Juan Forsen leave the dressing room tunnel at La Romareda. Three of the six directors. | Photo: RZ

Well, time is of the essence in these new projects. He began to lay the foundations and foundations of a new reality. And this is done through three pillars outlined by the CEO. First of all, on sport, which seeks to maximize competitiveness. It follows the plan financial, in which the club seeks to optimize resources. Finally, the new directive proposes a radical change of infrastructure, from the sports city to La Romareda through the official store. But always prioritize the first of the problems. In fact, Raul Sanllehi confirmed his confidence in the coach, which is key in difficult times. “My level of confidence in Juan Carlos Carcedo and Miguel Torresilla is very high. We must flee from resultivism“, he assured.

“Charlie” Quartero and Raul Sanlehi, the new and the former

One of the doubts that lurked around the topics of conversation of the zaragocistas was the figure of Luis Carlos Cuartero. As reported in the same media, the former General Manager of Real Zaragoza left his post at the club this September. In fact, from the beginning he was relieved by Raul Sanllehi, but “Charlie” continued to act as an adviser. New team boss Maño decided to praise Pradillano’s work at the club of his life, assuring that his involvement was maximized with the previous project and that it facilitated the inclusion and adaptation of the new directive at Real Zaragoza.

Zaragoza 2032 Foundation led by Cesar Alierta in Boltaña in 2017. Photo: Real Zaragoza

“I’ve seen few people as committed to the club as Charlie,” assured Raul Sanllehi this morning. In addition, he believes that the player who wore the shirt of his city club for fourteen years «he is zaragocista like the top of a pine». “He welcomed me with open arms. Thanks to people like him the club is still alive” added the new CEO. However, he denied that the departure of Luis Carlos Cuartero was imminent. The request was made a few months ago, but the contract prevented him from taking the back door. This month, the Catalan executive and “Charlie” must sit down, because after accepting the grace period that Sanllehí himself requested for his adaptation, Pradilla de Ebro’s intention is not to continue. “I’m really grateful to you”he concluded.

A new club project and a new way of working

Raúl Sanllehí has ​​monopolized most of the limelight in appearance. It is known that he is the main axis of the project and stopped to explain what his path will be. The man in charge of assessing, evaluating and detailing contractual relationships with footballers has turned the wheel in this regard. To reduce -a priori- the wage burden of Real Zaragoza, since their arrival, they have tried to “change the system of labor wages”. “Every club has a goal. In Zaragoza’s case, promotionsaid the CEO. So he implemented a new model that he has already implemented at Barcelona and Arsenal. He proposed a reduction in staff wages, which was offset by targets. «So we have closed renewals and new intakes. It seemed fair to me as a club to offer them this opportunity for the whole team. We gave them the opportunity, but it was never a request or a need from the club. We’re happy and we respect those who didn’t want to do it,” he said, adding that a large percentage of the players, especially the starters, have accepted. The club gives them 4 if they agree to give the club 1.

Elsewhere, Sanllehí assured that “we will soon have good news in terms of renewal”, dropping that Sergio Bermejo and Alejandro Frances will soon extend their contracts. And they will do it according to the model mentioned above. In the debit, the output of Chavarría. The general manager claimed the pressure on the player to leave “has been constant”. «I was very clear with him. I told him: “no matter how much you insist, you will not go out because we need you to go to the First Division”. I was a standard bearer not to sell it. I had him in my house for almost two hours“, explained Raul Sanlehi. However, there came a point when personal motivation changed the Catalan’s mind. “I told Miguel: look what we have. This was never an economic motivation, but a human problem. Rayo’s offer was considerably higher than the original“, he added.

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