Who are Cami and El Moneda, the Cordova couple who went viral thanks to their love story

Kami and Currency have become something of an oasis on the Internet. Between the bad news and the comments haters, this couple from Villa María conquered thousands of users with their love story. The cuteness and simplicity of these Cordovans fell in love with more than one, and their videos soon became viral on TikTok, where they accumulated more than 2 million followers.

Cami and Coyne celebrated two years together this week and social media exploded. To celebrate, they decided to go back to the place where they had their first date, a romantic date that eventually turned them into a trend.

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“I think we first went viral when we went to eat choripan by the river for our anniversaryCami says between laughs. Then, a year ago, she had no idea that her love story would generate such a frenzy on social media.

When we ask them why they think they liked people, they are still not clear. They just started sharing a part of their lives without knowing that they would meet. It was their simplicity and genuine content that catapulted them to fame on TikTok and turned them into a viral phenomenon.

Cami and el Moneda, the Cordovans who conquered TikTok (Photo: Instagram / kamilafrancoo).

A few months ago the life of these influencers took an unexpected turn when Cami announced that she was pregnant. Thus the family grew with the arrival of Roma, their first daughter, who was received with great love by her parents and followers.

The Cordovan love story that became a viral phenomenon

Cami and El Moneda met at the height of the pandemic, at a secret party. Listening to them describe that first meeting, anyone can tell it was love at first sight. Here’s how she told it in a video she shared on her TikTok account. As he prepared a chocolate cake, he recounted the night he fell in love with his life partner.

“I liked him physically, of course, and after he was honest and cool with me,” Cammy recalls. El Moneda felt the same way as her friend: “I liked her first because she is beautiful, but also because of how she treats me: she is a good companion and a good person and always wants to progress.”

Little by little, they both started planning their life project together, but they had to overcome some obstacles along the way. Accustomed to being on the streets and surrounded by “bad dates”, Moneda had to fight addictions. “Cami brought me out of a very dark place,” said the influencer and told part of his childhood and adolescence.

Kami has a clothing store in the garage of her house (Photo: Instagram / kamilafrancoo).
Kami has a clothing store in the garage of her house (Photo: Instagram / kamilafrancoo).

“I used a lot of drugs because I grew up on the streets. I cleaned windows and asked for coins from a very young age, I did many things. It wasn’t easy to get out and I almost lost everythingSo I’m very grateful to be with Cami, to have a little clothing store in my home and to be able to watch my daughter grow up,” he was honest.

With the intention of getting his life in order and getting rid of drugs, El Moneda quit his job at the market where loaded trucks over 10 years oldand began to do shipping and masonry work.

“He’s off drugs and that’s something that makes me very happy, it’s something that I’ve been praying a lot about and to God,” Cami commented. After battling and overcoming her partner’s addiction, she was finally able to fulfill one of her dreams when managed to open a clothing store in the garage of his house.

“I started with two consortium bags and today I have about three racks full of new clothes. I have perfumes for sale and now I even ship from Correo Argentino. I’m very happy because I can work from home,” Cammy said of his Roma Indumentaria business.

Own a house and meet Marcello Tinelli, the dreams of Camus and Currency

“I hope we will have our own house tomorrow. That and our daughter being healthy is the most important thing. The rest will be seen later,” says El Moneda, thinking about the future. Although they now rent a house, a few blocks from where they met two years ago, they would like to be able to buy a property in the future.

One of his dreams is to be financially well off in order to advance. “What everyone wants,” Cami said. Although her priority is to have her own home and to be able to rent space for her business in the future, she said she would also like to go to Marcello Tinelli’s program.

Kami, El Moneda and Roma live in the San Martín neighborhood of Villa Maria (Photo: Instagram / kamilafrancoo).
Kami, El Moneda and Roma live in the San Martín neighborhood of Villa Maria (Photo: Instagram / kamilafrancoo).

“You will laugh, but we would like to meet Tinelli, go to his program, be with people,” admitted ticktoker to the laughter of her boyfriend. “Let’s make videos to die,” Currency added.

Eager to grow, these Cordovans plan to continue making Internet users happy, sharing their lives with them and, who knows, to portray their accomplishments in their .

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