‘What’s the need?’: She went to renew her driver’s license and was told she had breast cancer

“I came to renew my license and I’m leaving stressed, wiping tears and with a ‘disabled’ label on my forehead,” Florencia said in a series of Twitter posts.

Florencia Andrade is a young woman who went to renew her driver’s license in Córdoba and the legend written on her license brought her to tears. After long and persistent treatment, you won the battle with breast cancer -the most common in Argentina, with 22,024 new cases per year, representing 16.8% of the total-. Every day of his life he would remember that fight, but for a few days he had written it on his driver’s license. Feeling discriminated against, the 34-year-old driver posted a thread from Twitter in which he recounts the situation he experienced at the letter of credit center where he was asked: “What happened to the hair?”.

They gave it to me in just two years, asking me for a medical driving license and putting the disease on my license, “Florence said in a series of posts on this social network.

His story quickly went viral and reached the authorities of National Road Safety Agency (ANSV)who communicated with her, they said THE NATION. “Inclusion of the pathology in the driver’s license does not correspond”sources indicated. “We have already contacted the girl to resolve the situation and so that the license can be reprinted“, they added.

The Director of ANSV, Paul Carignanodescribed what happened to Florence as “unthinkable action of the center that issues your license” and added: “I am very sorry for the unnecessary suffering they have caused. I’ve never, ever seen that.”

what happened to florence

Florencia reported that when she started the process to renew her driver’s license, that was then one of the staff asked him what happened to his hair because it was shorter than it appeared on the expired license. “I told him it was because of the chemotherapy that he fell. And there he asks me when was the last one, I tell him June and he tells me they can’t give me the card. They need a medical certificate,” the young woman continued.

Immediately, the registry officials told him that instead of approving the procedure for five years, as is customary, they were going to do it for two because they didn’t know how he handled his defenses. Despite the fact that Florencia clarified that the tests “always” give her “perfect”, the truth is that this information is not useful.

Devastated by the situation, the woman left the office and after crying for a while, wrote to her doctor to get medical clearance. Florence said: “When they were about to give me my card they told me it said breast cancer so I said ‘but I don’t have it anymore why are they giving me this?’ and they tell me the system has already sent it that way.”.

A young woman went to renew her driver's license and was classified as
A young woman went to renew her driver’s license and was classified as “disabled” because she had breast cancer. [email protected]_an

The situation made the young woman think: “If they didn’t see my short hair, they didn’t ask anything and they gave it to me [al carnet] without dramas by giving to everyone and asking for nothing”. Florencia already has a license and the most important thing is that she is in good health, for this reason and although she felt discriminated against, she joked about the situation: “The only good thing is that after two years I change the picture. “

The new license of Florence

After her case went viral, the decision came in no time and Florencia now has her new license.

“Today we spoke with the municipality of Córdoba and the error has been corrected. Flor has a new license without the stigma of the first one. Very good administration by Secretary Gabriel BermudezPablo Martínez Carignano, executive director of ANSV, tweeted overnight.

In another post, he added: “To be clear: the legend ‘breast cancer’ appeared on the plastic because the operator from Cordoba added it to the observation field. This field is not used for that, but for ‘using glasses’, ‘driving an adapted car’, etc.’

What information should the driver’s license contain?

According to Article 15 of the National Road Traffic Act, the qualifying license must contain the following data, which must then be communicated by the licensing authority to the National Register of Road Records:

  • The number matches that of the holder’s identification plate;
  • Surname, first name, date of birth, address, photograph and signature of the holder;
  • Class of license specifying the types of vehicles you are entitled to drive;
  • Prosthesis to be used or conditions imposed on the wearer to drive (if wearing glasses, if using a wheelchair). The owner may request that the warning about drug allergies or the like be included;
  • Dates of issue and expiry and identification of the official and issuing authority;
  • Owner’s group and blood factor;
  • At the request of the license holder, his wish to be an organ donor in the event of death will be stated;
  • The ability to add the legend of the Malvinian Veteran to the title was recently included.

What are the requirements for obtaining a license

  • They know how to read and for professional drivers (class C, D and E) and write;
  • Psychophysical medical examination, which will include a certificate of physical fitness; of visual ability; hearing ability and mental ability issued by a qualified medical person;
  • Theory test of driving knowledge, signaling and legislation, statistics on accidents and their prevention;
  • Theoretical-practical exam on simple knowledge of mechanics and fault finding of vehicle safety elements. Functional equipment and tools;
  • Practical driving test.

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