Virginia Barcones highlights in Almazan (Soria) the importance of cultural, heritage and natural tourism for the economic development of our cities

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Castile and León, Virginia Barcones, said this evening in the city of Almazan in Soria that “tourism of culture, heritage and nature, of which the Adnamantine city has exceptional potential, is a pole of attraction and an element that can and should to help stop depopulation’.

Likewise, he appreciated tourism in “inland Spain, because our country is more than sun and beach.” Castile and León offers, according to Barcones, “clean air, landscape, tranquility, culture, heritage, oenology, gastronomy… a variety of attractions that we must be able to use so that they are attractive to potential tourists.”

The representative of the Spanish government in the autonomous community asked the municipalities for “originality, imagination and courage to look for interesting projects charged to the various open subsidy lines within the Recovery, Transformation and Sustainability Plan. There are tourist destinations in our rural areas and natural spaces, not forgetting our cities, which deserve to be known and which require investment so that tourists can improve their experiences when they visit them.

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