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Katya and Maurice Kraft, a physicist and geologist, both crazy about erupting volcanoes, died in 1991, trapped by a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen in Japan. His death was romanticized on television in his country, France. But how can we not romanticize something like this? Sara Dosa Define your movie Fire of lovelike love with three peaks that are the two of them and the volcanoes.

In the cinema there are love stories, stories of passions that eventually destroy everything, there are also many volcanoes.

in Inside the volcano Werner Herzog, who is an absolutely crazy, reckless man who chose to be a film director because it was no longer the time for adventurers – he proved it by trying to take a boat up a mountain in the middle of the Amazon – in this documentary he goes through several active volcanoes around the world together with the specialist Clive Oppenheimer.

Both traveled through Indonesia, Ethiopia, Iceland and North Korea, connecting with local people in the area to listen to the local myths that explain the ancient connection between humans and these powerful wonders of nature.

It is impossible not to be enveloped by the beauty of the magma and lava beneath the mountain. You understand perfectly well that Kraft needed this other point in his relationship, you have to be crazy, of course.

Still from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
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Volcanoes in movies have always been objects of immense power and signified the beginning and end of things. For example, in the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, Tolkien considered Mount Doom to be a constantly erupting volcano as the beginning of everything.

The creation of the rings of power, and therefore of the curse that gradually hangs over Middle-earth and that we will see in the new Amazon series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. And Mount Doom is also the end, the place Frodo must travel to in order to cast the One Ring and end the hell his continent is becoming.

The climb to Mount Doom with Sam lifting Frodo is one of the most beautiful and messianic images of the entire trilogy. The power of the fire, the attraction of the ring, the sacrifice of the two hobbits…

There are also volcanoes that serve as a base for the bad guys, of course, like in a James Bond movie, We only live twice (1967).

We only live twice
We only live twice
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A volcano may be the perfect metaphor, erupting as a rebirth of life and passion, as in Joe vs. the Volcanowhere is this Tom Hanks Tired of life, manic and sad, he decides to give a boost to his existence when he is told that he has five months left to live, and he ends up living a dangerous and romantic love story like a volcano, like the life of the Kraft family.

We have the volcanoes. Now is the time for passion

No one describes passion, passions, as William Francella (played by Pablo Sandoval) c The secret in their eyes.

The Krafts knew they could be engulfed by a volcano at any moment. But they could not change their passion. And they were also aware that their love story could fail without this dangerous ingredient. The couple got along on volcanoes, they challenged each other and society, especially her, Katya, who did not want to have children because she preferred to travel the world, risking her life.

Is it possible to get attached to a passion that can kill you?

in the documentary Free solo it is quite clear that it is. Alex Honnold climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, about 900 meters high without assistance and we witness this suicidal process. There is a very enlightening part of what passions weigh in a relationship

Alex’s partner scolds him that if he really loves her, he doesn’t understand how he is capable of risking his life like this and he doesn’t care about this warning because he can’t live without it, it’s his passion… .

Shot from
Still from “Free Solo”
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And in the end, it becomes clear that climbing without a rope is an invariable part of his life, because nothing goes without this suicidal hobby. The difference between Alex Honnold and Craft is that in this case that passion is not shared by both. Even if calling your girlfriend is the first thing you do when you top it.

But there are few couples in cinema with passions as dangerous as the Krafts, and also based on real life.

Bonnie and Clyde is, apart from the film that changed everything, that changed classic cinema to bring the seventh art to New Hollywood, a film adaptation of the true story of the couple created by Bonnie Parker Y Clyde Barrow.

Shot from
Still from “Bonnie and Clyde”
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These two young men who met during the Great Depression decided to form a gang and travel around the United States robbing banks. They did it Robin Hood style, giving to the poor and ridiculing the authorities. A story of love and passion between Bonnie, Clyde and the banks.

They ended up dead, stabbed by police gunfire. This epic and violent scene with Warren Beatty Y Faye Dunaway playing the anti-heroes has the same doses of romanticism and fatality as Kraft’s death.

There is another real-life couple brought to the screen who, despite also sharing a dangerous passion, managed to live to a ripe old age.

They are Ed and Lorraine Warren and the passion they shared was the devil or devils. Cinema has taken from Warren’s stories a trilogy of the most famous cases of these famous demonologists and several spin-offs. James Wan open it with Warren File: The Conjuring and this has been followed by seven films and two more to come.

A still from
A still from “The Warren File: The Conjuration”
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Exorcism, possession, haunted houses, psychopaths, doll demons and even a werewolf are the volcanoes of this couple. He was a professional demonologist, one of the few outside the clergy who could perform exorcisms, and she was a medium and clairvoyant. The genius was her but both complemented each other perfectly to solve the investigations entrusted to them.

They met when they were 16 years old and became best friends, then began to develop together this passion for helping people with problems from the other world, which eventually brought them together for life.

Like the Krafts, Warren and Bonnie and Clyde built their love story using passion as a third peak. A dangerous, even suicidal passion… But love is also dangerous and even suicidal, No?

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