The orb of books wears blue in autumn

JAlong with the already established collections of non-fiction and fiction for adults, The realm of books opens this September label for children and youth, The blue spherewhich will feature the best books for younger readers.

In the historical novel, after its success — Pelayo!the writer Jose Angel Maasfamous for his “Stories from Kronen”returns in September with “Fern Gonzalez!” and the story of how Castile was forged. in turn Iber Vzkes novel in “Pizarro’s Conquest of the Inca Empire” with his specific style of storytelling that has already captivated thousands of readers.

History continues to be one of the reference collections of The spherewith titles like “Castles and Walls”of the draftsman and the sculptor Michael Nephewwhich closes the trilogy of biographies of the great architectural works of Spain’s cultural heritage, together with the famous “Monasteries” and “Cathedrals”. They will also be published in Spanish “The Oxford History of Classical Greece and the Greek World”reference book on the subject; “Lady Sapiens”, a tour of women in prehistory; Y “The Secret of Life”in which Howard Markell tells about the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. And from Spanish authors will arrive “The Reconquista. The construction of Spainon Ivan Enteror collective history “The Crown in Spain. From the Goths to Felipe VI’.

They stand out in the biographical genre “Queen Leticia”by journalist Mbel Galaz, a portrait and account of the history of the Queen, who turns 50 this September; “Luis Martinez de Irujo. Duke of Alba. The weight of the namein which the historian Jose Miguel Hernandez Barral restores the legacy of a figure little known due to his untimely death, but who was essential both to his wife Cayetana and their six children and to the rule of the House of Alba; or ‘The Queen. The Amazing Life of Elizabeth II”written by the journalist Ana Polo Alonso. And also in the same collection, but in memoir format, those of the philosopher Gabriel Albiak, “In Nobody’s Crops”, where he recounts his intellectual and emotional trajectory; those of the national basketball coach, Sergio Scariolo, “My Love for Basketball”; or those of the social chronicler Carlos Ferrando, “The Thin Pink Line”.

Among the current essays, in bookstores in early September “The Future of Money”, in which the economist Eshwar S. Prasad covers how the digital revolution is transforming currencies and finance in a title that has been recognized as the best economics book of 2021. The Economist Y Financial Times. the veteran journalist Fernando Giuregispecialist on the Spanish left, publishes “Photo of the palace. Socialism, from Felipe to Pedro and back”, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the celebrated victory of Felipe Gonzalez. And the members of the security authorities and forces of the state Josema Vallejo Y Samuel Vzkesfounders of the Police for the 21st Century association, denounce the police model that protects the authorities, not citizens in “Don’t Fuck the Police”.

On the other hand, in the “Psychology” collection, the publishing house includes the television journalist Lewin Argeles with “Learning to Live Again”, in which he explains the path of happiness, transformation and growth he has taken. It is also a testimony of overcoming “The Beauty of Scars”on Ivan Garridofounder of the Kintsugi Project, a life philosophy that empowers people.

Outside the collection, the famous science popularizer Javier Santaolala published his second solo work. titled “What is a boson like you doing in such a Big Bang?”, reveal concepts as abstract as quantum fields or the Higgs boson. For his part, the journalist and reporter of “Cuarto Milenio” Paul Villarubia published 21st Century UFO Files in October. The same month sees the light “Prepare to strike!”from the aviation promoter Peter Carvalhobetter known on his social networks as aviator duck, which reviews the air accidents that have made aviation safer. Additional, Carlos Bravo offers in “How to sell on Amazon from scratch” a practical guide full of keys and tools for taking action.

Finally, among the first titles of The blue spherehighlight the two supplies of “Adventure Rodriguez”, “In Search of the Lost Jewel” Y “The Monster with a Thousand Tentacles”on Ana Campoy with illustrations of Alex Alonso; “Boys and Girls Who Made History”in which the famous illustrator The historic snitch recreates the childhood of heroes such as Tutankhamun, Joan of Arc or Mozart; Y “Leo and the Little Prince” (so that the little ones can learn with the sympathetic character of Saint-Exupry) or “Discover the Little Prince” (to understand the secrets of the book). Two great youth bets will be “The Temperature Between You and Me”on Boris Zhepkaof which a series is being prepared DisneyJ “dead boys”on Paloma Gonzalez Rubio. And in October, two “middle class” sagas will arrive: “The Band of Bandages”on Paul BonaciniJ “Stars. The Academy of Dreamson Mayrena Ruiz.

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