The Cold War in the Ortega Cano Clan

“Life is what it is and what happens, happens. There is no going back.” are words of Anna Maria Aldon the last Sunday before the approaching hot month of September. The summer was anything but quiet in the house of marriage between Jose Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldon. Both have spent the summer together – but not mixed up – in the maisonette that the right-winger owns in the Costa Ballena urbanization, located between the towns of Chipiona and Rota. Sometimes they lived together, but they made lace so that they could not see each other’s faces. The difference between the two is surprising when we are faced with the crisis. Ana Maria shouting his embarrassment to the four winds on the television: I no longer expect anything from my husband. dug up while Ortega Cano He spent the summer denying the major and throwing a tantrum in front of the reporters’ cameras, who he even sent shouting “Go suck her… Parla!”.

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