Speech of love with much love (and VI)

The supreme act of love is being done by those who now, as I write, in 2022 and years before, call the vulnerable. And note: the decades will continue and centenarians which come when I have already died of love. They, the vulnerable, are inexhaustible sources of love, their vulnerability is necessary so that all of us who are not vulnerable are vulnerable to only one thing: vulnerability to love the vulnerable. What would happen to us and to love without the vulnerable?

As our mothers and fathers told us, when the older generations, old, dead and forgotten or almost, we threw ourselves into the street because we believed in what Gabriel Zelaya said, it is time to throw ourselves into the street and walk and say to all the staff that we are announcing something new… What did he say? Oh yeah. As our fathers and mothers have told us: “boy (or girl), there will always be rich and poor.” My little heart as a child raised by the Catholic world and its imaginary successor, the Marxist world, refuses to believe this, even though my parents also grew up in an environment similar to mine. I don’t know if they would read History and come across episodes like this, told to his daughter in a very informative way by the conservative historian Ernst H. Gombrich in his book A brief history of the world.

He recites to him the words of an Egyptian song, I guess Gombrich won’t even have the sheet music. The letter praises the Nile River as it overflowed and filled the entire empire with life. The “verse” in question is 4,000 years old: “Praise be to you, O Nile, for you leave the earth and come here to feed Egypt. You are the one who waters the fields and can feed all kinds of livestock. Who soaks the desert away from the water. Who makes the barley and creates the wheat. Who fills the barns and increases the haystacks, who gives something to the poor. For you we play the harp and sing.

Note the data: “who gives something to the poor”, an idea that is placed last. Giving what you have to the poor and following me does not apply here. Why? First, because charity and love begin with oneself. Second, because if we give everything to the vulnerable, who will we love then? Who will we fight for? What would be the point of revolutions and progressives in general, even progressives? Without the vulnerable, we would be left alone with our own love, and what is the use of love that cannot be given, so that with this gift we increase our love for ourselves?

We would be left alone with ourselves, loving ourselves, of course, and perhaps loving the rich? Because thanks to the rich, many people also love: they love the objects they buy thanks to the love that the market radiates, with this exercise that it performs, acting as the king of Creation, possessing everything allowed on the planet to turn it into objects that one gives and gives away for love. And we love the rich out of compassion. Because they are also vulnerable, they give love, but who loves them? No one. And they need love. Extremes touch, both the rich and the vulnerable need to be loved, and if the vulnerable are essential to give meaning to the love that springs from our insides, the rich will not be in the saga. All is love.

How beautiful is love in all its manifestations! In everything I said in this speech, plus everything you can imagine: his love for him, hers for her, hers for him and vice versa, his or hers for their pets, for their gyms, for their healthy diets …, in In short, love has no end, the unimaginable density of digital memory would be essential for me to develop a good speech about love. And many lives, many, eternal return. That is why I want to conclude my speech with this phrase that I created with love to immortalize love, including in it the ultimate love of the vulnerable, which consists in the fact that the meaning of their existence is concretized and is there for a sublime and immortal purpose , which let us love They are love and we are their lovers, who at the same time project love for this reason and for others already mentioned in this speech: How beautiful is love in all its manifestations! Said.

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