Salamanca offers 702 places for municipal libraries with toys for boys and girls between 3 and 13 years old

Places will be claimed through the website from today

The North

NORTH Salamanca

The Councilor for Family and Equal Opportunities of the Salamanca City Council, Ana Suárez, announced this Monday the opening of the registration period for the Toy Libraries and the Animabarrios program for the academic year 2022-2023, which includes important innovations and a significant increase in places compared to last edition, going from 542 to 702 between the two modalities, a 30% increase.

Toy libraries for children between the ages of 3 and 8 include recreational activities during the school year in the afternoon, usually two afternoons a week, in one and a half hour sessions in all social action centers: Downtown, Buenos Aires/Vistahermosa, San José/Zurguén, Garrido Norte, Garrido Sur, Pizarrales, San Bernardo and Rollo/Puente Ladrillo, with a ratio of 1 monitor for every 13 minors, which can be reduced to 1/10 if necessary for social reasons. This academic year, the social assistance zone of the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities provides a total of 494 places for families, 112 more than the previous year due to the demand from previous years, especially in the areas of Garrido, Zurguen, Pizarles and El Rollo.

For this course, it is also important to highlight the employment of special educational needs monitors to work on the inclusion of children with disabilities through play, with a ratio of one monitor for every three children, making 33 squares (three minors for each playroom group).

For its part, the Animabarrios program will offer 208 places (48 more than the previous year) for boys and girls from 9 to 13 years old. The aim of this program is to encourage the participation of this sector of the population in the neighborhoods, as well as their personal and social development through recreational and educational activities. It is scheduled on Friday from 16:30 at 18:30. or 5 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. or subject to the availability of special weekend activities. The ratio will be 1 monitor per 13 minors. The meeting places will be CEAS Tejares/Vistahermosa, San José/Zurguén, Garrido Norte, Garrido Sur, Pizarrales, San Bernardo and Rollo/Puente Ladrillo.

In addition, during this school year the Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents will be promoted as a body for the participation of minors and minors, so that they are heard and addressed to the needs of care, protection, participation, as well as those matters of interest that concern to be raised in the Corporation and to be able to answer them. In the same way, we will work with social entities, youth, sports and cultural associations that dedicate their actions to this sector of the population, so that they can participate in this initiative.

During the presentation, the councilor for family affairs and equal opportunities, Ana Suarez, highlighted “the efforts made by the City Council of Salamanca to maintain one of the most valued programs by families”. He further added that from the social care sector, “an attempt has been made to provide solutions to the demands for places seen in the previous edition, for which we have made a significant increase of 29.5% in the number of places”. All this, he continued, to “continue with programs whose purpose is not only entertainment, but also integration into the community environment, is socialization, and also an important way to reconcile family and professional life, which is increasingly necessary in our society. ».

Terms and method of registration

Places in the Municipal Toy Library Program can now be requested through the link and in the space provided on the website of the Municipal Council, although in case of questions or support for families, attention will be paid of the Socio-Community Animation Technician offices of each of the CEAS.

In both cases, the registration period begins today, September 5th, and will continue until September 18th. The final lists will be released on September 27th to launch the Toy Libraries and Animabarrios program on October 5th.

The cost of the activity will be 7 euros per month, and families with economic vulnerability accredited by the municipal social services will be exempted.

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