Sailing the waves at the helm

sailing It’s one of those immortal songs that decades later we’re still hearing on the radio, in a TV commercial, or because someone decided to upload it to social media. However, few know that the anthem was popularized by the British artist Rod Stewart in the mid-’70s, it’s actually a version of the band Southland Band Brothers. the leader of The faces decided to include the topic in the Atlantic crossing album, released it as a single and has since sold over a million copies. It was one of the first videos aired by the music channel mtv.

His lyrics, an epic plea for love and freedom, have also served as an accompaniment to documentary “sailor” issued by BBC in the second half of the 70s, as for charitable purposes or by way of protest song. It says the following: “I’m sailing home again, crossing the sea / sailing stormy waters to be near you, to be free / Flying, flying like a bird, crossing the sky / Flying past high clouds / to be near you to be free”. The song encapsulates some of the benefits and advantages offered by sailing, either with your own boat, with a chartered boat or with another person acting as captain. To enjoy the water and all that a walk by the sea entails, you don’t need to travel to Ibiza, Formentera or another island paradise.

A simple boat trip can help you get over the bug. And maybe in a few weeks you’ll end up imitating Rod “The Mod” in the waters of the nearest port. The scene could be as follows. It’s Saturday morning. You get up early and abandon your laziness after paying attention to a friend who has been insisting for months that you go sailing together. He assures you that you will feel very good, that the experience is very enriching. You won’t regret it in any way. Come on, go: after many negative answers, you say yes. you leave

Thanks to your first sea foray, you discover wonderful places that you only felt from afar. You’ve never been half an hour from the coast. This is the first time. Everything is a giant blue set, top to bottom. In the gentle and soothing rocking of the boat, you are embraced by the vastness of the sea. You are free as in the book of Hemingwaylike the bird of Rod Stewart soaring in the sky. And maybe you discovered a new hobby that gives you a few drops of happiness. Even if it’s just for a few hours. Although later you have to return to family and professional obligations.

Getting used to the rocking of the boat is essential to avoid seasickness.

The benefits of sailing

A new world is revealed at the helm of the ship. Some of the advantages and benefits of floating are summarized below. For health, for the soul and for many other things:

anti-stress antidote Sailing is first and foremost a 100% relaxing activity. Imagine that you sail from the shore, move a few meters away and, standing a safe distance from the beach, lie on your back. In this almost postcard-like image, the only sound is that of nature, whether it’s the waves crashing on the shore or the breeze gently brushing against your skin. And when you feel like cooling off, you jump in and dive. No more no less. The anxiety goes away. Improves mood. We rest and enjoy to the fullest.

freedom, liberty During the pandemic, a famous Madrid politician said that freedom consists in drinking a beer in a square in a bar. The definition is certainly much closer if you are lucky enough to swim in the month of August with no one around. Or if you decide to go from one cove to another through spectacular and half-empty corners in your own boat. You decide what to do, when and how to do it. Again we resort to “to be near you” – be it a piece of sea or a person – and “to be free” from Rod Stewart’s Sailing.

Healthy men in healthy bodies Actor Matthew Broderick epitomizes the kind of harmless and approachable actor that stood out in the 1980s in films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where he crams his life into a single day just before graduation. What this uncompromising defense of navigation is intended to do is just the opposite: to spread the benefits of a healthy and peaceful activity that will ultimately have an impact on our mental activity. No rush. Do not run. In a state of relaxation, the brain does not stop, rather the opposite: it does not stop processing information, strengthening and exercising, thereby creating new and necessary neural connections. We have more energy and more satisfaction with life.

happiness pills Usually, when you come back from the sea after a pleasant walk and step on dry land, you feel that you have recharged your batteries. You were happy during your trip. Released endorphins and excitocin have strengthened bonds with others. These powerful hormones that the brain produces appear in situations where positive connections are generated and at times when we do not feel pressure or obligations that prevent us from relaxing. Our state of mind changes pleasantly, we see life with different eyes. We are excited, happy. And we have only been on a boat trip.

Travel Another song applicable to unexpected and wonderful finds aboard a ship. Sailing is more like Granada band Los Planetas’ indie hit ‘De viaje’ than we think. Its lyrics read: “We can go together far from this world you and I / On a journey through endless galaxies to the sun / There’s nothing left to prolong my stay in this world for a minute / You and I travel through the sun in new dimension / What’s better than you and me always being together? / Of always being together you and I? Bays, natural parks, underwater caves, undiscovered places for snorkeling or diving… A trip that is often not possible by car or on foot and that by boat becomes the best option. The only one.

sure hit Be sure to check the weather and let the sun shine for the next few days. It’s summer and you don’t want to follow the usual plan and hang out with a crowd at a crowded beach. Escaping the crowd has its reward: you’ll find quieter places to rest, bathe or just spend your free time. Those with a more adventurous spirit can spend the night without mooring at a port and looking for accommodation. If the sea is calm, you will be able to sleep inside the ship itself, and every day you will wake up at a new point on the map. Things have to go very badly for a plan like this to go awry. Fixed profit.

long live the sea Water, especially that of the sea, contains a large number of benefits for our body, which we collect in this last point. Doctors and health professionals agree on its healing properties. We improve at least in the following aspects: breathing capacity, mobility, muscle strength, joints, blood circulation, the wounds of the body heal, and why not the soul…

How to avoid an accident at sea

The world of navigation and boating is governed by regulations which, among other things, seek to minimize boating accidents of recreation, which usually takes place during the summer months. If we go back in time to 1998, the data tells us this more than half of mechanical failures could be avoided with appropriate training and basic knowledge of water safety. In 2015, the accidents that were calculated on the recreational fleet were total 20,000 throughout the peninsula. The number is very high. This type of boat is much more fragile than others and is exposed to unforeseen events due to its limited dimensions. Another reason is that crew members are often unprofessional or lack the necessary qualifications.

Information provided by Pantaenius Nautical Insurance Underwriting Agency and Salvamento Marítimo showed other interesting data: 55% of accidents happen between June and September. They are seasonal emergencies that are due primarily to human errors and mechanical failures. Some of the situations described in the report are collisions with other ships and stationary or floating objects; propeller blockages; those related to storms and sea waves; and another group directly attributable to the skill of the crew, as in the case of negligence.

Detail of a life jacket. pixels

In addition to complying with a number of legal requirements to be able to take to the high seas, captains must acquire the necessary experience to navigate safely. Depending on the length of the boat and how far we want to go from shore, there are different types of official qualifications. It is the most basic and elementary license to navigate, suitable for daytime navigation with small boats or jets around the coast; on Basic Navigation Model (PNB) it goes a step further and allows you to navigate day and night, taking you to within five miles of land; finally, Recreational Boat Model (PER) It is the most complete of the three, being able to handle boats up to 15 meters in length and up to 12 miles offshore, including navigation between the Balearic and Canary Islands.

For the first two titles you must be over 16 years and it is enough to conduct simple theoretical-practical exams. For PER, the matter is a little more complicated: it is only suitable for adults over 18 years old and a multiple-choice exam must be passed, in addition to passing other additional tests.

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