Romina Ricci poses with Bethany, the youngest of her three daughters, and talks about her new commitment to love

She was only 12 when she started working as an actress and 20 when she became a mother for the first time. And when asked if she looks back and finds differences between that young woman and this 43-year-old woman – with a long career in television, film and theater, mother of three daughters – she shrugs, thinks and assures: “It’s been a long journey. of delight’. Behind her laid-back style is a great passion for everything she does, and a professional who never stops learning and training to keep looking for new avenues in art. He is currently directing in the theater Don’t go with love or withouta work by Norman Briskey with performances by Leonora Balcarse and Lucila Mangone, and in September he will premiere his first short film at the Sala Leopoldo Lugones, fans, about the life and art of Argentine director Alfredo Arias. “The character I admire, I fell in love with him and the way he approaches his works,” says Romina. In addition, from Thursday to Sunday, he goes on stage with the play gender (the transgressive setting by Jose Maria Muscari). She chose to make the note on Wednesday because “it’s the only day off I have,” she says, relaxed, barefoot, as she waits for the vanilla pudding she made with Bethany, 6, to cool for the shoot HELLO! Argentina. “A very easy recipe that Juli Cardinali taught me that the girls love. I like to cook and sit down to eat with my daughters, especially on Sundays, because the eldest already lives with her boyfriend”. Romina Ritchie She is the mother of Valentina (23) – who she had with film director Maximo Gutiérrez –, Margarita (18) – the fruit of her love affair with Fito Páez – and Bethany – with Brazilian DJ and music producer Walter Abboud, from whom she previously split almost two years.

-You always mention how well you get along with the parents of your estranged daughters. Do you think you picked the parents better than the couples?

-No way. With each of them I have shared many years as a couple, a great love, and each of my daughters is a result of that love. We really get along very well. And we have a lot of harmony. Maxie came to tea last Sunday. Sometimes it’s hard to organize the parties you’ll spend Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with, but we manage. [Se ríe].

“I like it to be built on love, coexistence, family. I think that’s the most beautiful thing in life,” he tells us.Pilar Bustelo
Romina defines herself as
Romina describes herself as a “very strict mother”. “With food, with bath time, with school…” he says.Pilar Bustelo

– You have been dating Thomas Gabrich for almost a year [trabaja en hotelería]Who do you live with.

– I like building from love, coexistence, family. I find it the most beautiful thing in life.

-Would you become a mother with Thomas?

– Mmm, I don’t know, I don’t know… Let’s see.

For almost a year, Romina has been in a relationship with Thomas Gabrich, with whom she lives together with her two youngest daughters.
For almost a year, Romina has been in a relationship with Thomas Gabrich, with whom she lives together with her two youngest daughters.

– You have been a mother in three very different stages of your life…

– I have always lived it in a very natural way because I have been a mother in all stages of my life [Se ríe]. These moments are very different from each other, but my way of being a mother, no. Although she was very young with Valentina, she was very mature, because she worked from a young age and had many duties. I don’t feel like I’ve had more patience with one than the other. Also, they have very different personalities and I am a very strict mother.

Romina and Fito Páez, together with the two eldest daughters of the actress, Valentina and Margarita (Páez) and Martin, son of the musician and Cecilia Roth.
Romina and Fito Páez, together with the two eldest daughters of the actress, Valentina and Margarita (Páez) and Martin, son of the musician and Cecilia Roth.

– In what matters do you consider yourself so strict?

– With food, with bath time, with school. I was always very careful that the school I chose was the right one for each of them, because one can have expectations or think it’s the best for them and suddenly it’s not their style. I like to follow their processes closely.

– Your older daughters chose the acting path.

– Although they both worked with me in the cinema and study theater, they are in demand. Especially Margarita, who has just finished school. Valen is also the Community Manager, in fact he makes the networks for the play I’m directing. I support them in everything they want.

– Do you feel that the new generations take a different path when they have to define their vocation?

– I don’t think it’s related to the generation, it depends more on each one. They also manage social networks better than us and this makes them move differently. They have a lot of worries. The eldest is about to publish a play, and Maggie, for example, plays the piano very well.

“I have been an actress for many years and I love acting. Directing and acting complement each other very well, they are fun for me.” Pilar Bustelo


To do gender He takes taekwondo classes, has practiced yoga for many years (an activity he sometimes shares with his daughters) and, during the pandemic, took advantage of the lockdown to complete his three-year career at the Teatro Colón as an opera director. As part of his thesis, he directed a film, The Chinesebased on Gluck’s opera, starring his friends Dolores Fonzi, Leonora Balcarse, Guillermo Pfenning and Giulietta Cardinali.

Would you quit acting to direct?

I have many years as an actress and I love acting. The direction and acting complement each other very well, they entertain me. I mix both things according to how they come out. I’ve always worked with amazing directors. I have been very lucky, the whole journey I have taken from the age of 12 till now has been pure pleasure. I don’t like to do anything because yes, I have always prepared a lot, studying gives me security.

– How do you imagine yourself in ten years?

– I don’t like to design, I live more in the present, in my profession things arise that make you constantly change your plans. Maybe a project comes up and you need to travel or change your routine, so I’ve gotten used to planning in the short term.

Tea time games.  Mother and daughter make vanilla pudding.
Tea time games. Mother and daughter make vanilla pudding.Pilar Bustelo
Romain and Bethany.
Romain and Bethany. Pilar Bustelo

Production: Paola Reyes

Makeup: Maya Rohrer

Hair: Alicia, for Cerini

Credits: Complot, Mishka, Justa Osadía, Pitti Bimbo and Reina Batata (deco)

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