Nuria Rothschild: “I’m no dumber than a teacher or a doctor because I’m a model”

At 23 years old, Madrid has become one of the youngest and most promising tops on the international podium. He has already paraded for giants such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana or Stella McCartney.


However Nuria Rothschild (Madrid, 1998) has a name that refers to the all-powerful German-Jewish dynasty, his childhood passed in the city of Mstoles. Until at the age of 18 he was introduced to the aristocracy of fashion and left for a brand like Yves Saint Laurent. All thanks to a photographer who stopped her on Calle Fuencarral one afternoon when she was shopping with her mother.

What followed was hectic: a photo shoot, a contract with Uno Models and an unexpected move to Paris. I never even thought about being a model, it was all from the movie. I wasn’t even aware at the time, everything was unexpected and big. So I was concerned about having fun and doing it well. In time I realized where I was. I was in the office of one of the big names in fashion.

Just a few years later, she will be with others such as Dolce & Gabbana or Stella McCartney to become, at 23, one of the youngest and most promising tops on the international scene. This industry has no end. There is always a new project, there are always opportunities and work is coming my way, he says.

How do you stand at 18 in Paris from Mstoles to show with YSL?
I was very shy, I lived in Mstoles and coming to Madrid was already an excursion. This experience makes you much more independent, you learn to live and wake up because you have to look for life on your own outside. You grow up faster. Now I even talk to stones and have friends all over the world. It gives you personality, independence and a mindset enriched by so many cultures.
Because you, what did you want to be at that moment?
I had no idea, I was a second year BA, all I had to do was finish the course and pass the EVAU. I’ve always liked art. I studied art history for two years and am now studying graphic design.
It seems more and more common to be unclear at this age…
It’s too early to decide what you’re going to be. If you don’t even know what you’re going to eat tomorrow… We’re all a little lost out there, except for those who have a calling for their parents. It was good for me to wait a bit for work and then start studying.
How do you combine studying with searching the world?
It’s a hassle, but it can be done. This job is beautiful, but it does not allow you to organize yourself, because there are no fixed hours, everything is variable. This for personal life and studies is very complicated, it takes 80% of my day.
And what about personal life?
He doesn’t get along well, but you get used to seeing your people less. I can no longer see any other concept of life. I miss a lot of things, but I’m not complaining either, because devoting myself to this is my decision and it’s paying off.

What did young tops bring to fashion?
Little by little we are introducing diversity, new profiles and the industry is changing.
Is the physical canon deleted?
Yes, but we still have. Although we see more variety of bodies and it makes more people feel identified and consumption is easier. I also understand that things are mandatory: I haven’t had the experience of agencies forcing me to do anything, but at the end of the day you work with your physique and it’s normal to want to take care of it just like a football player or a firefighter. This is our tool. Being skinny doesn’t mean you’re dieting.
Still suffering from the stereotype that models are just physics?
Just as in diversity I say we are on the right track, not here, our work is not taken seriously. There’s always this thing that if we’re models, we’re dumb. We are normal people. I am no less intelligent than a teacher or a doctor because I am a model. I think these people need to rethink their prejudices.
Are we living in a moment of female empowerment in fashion?
I would say yes, but it’s something across all sectors. Society has finally learned that we deserve our space and that we deserve to be like men. In fashion, iconic models are women.
If you think of designers, more men come to mind…
Just to be a designer you need financial help, a company… and positions of power in society are still mostly in the hands of men, unfortunately. Although designers like Stella McCartney or María Gracia from Dior are already at the top.
Has social media hurt the modeling profession?
I don’t think because it is Instagrammer you can make any trades you like. I’m not saying this to belittle you, but you need to know how to pose, be good in front of a camera, change… If you have a lot of followers and a lot of talent, then yes. But since you have a lot of followers and are photogenic, you are not a model.

As a model, do you also suffer from the insecurities of the young?
We live in a society where everything goes very fast and there is very little security of finding a good job and being independent. I could be, but I am aware that many people of my generation are not.
Are we living worse than our parents?
I’m not sure, I didn’t live in his time, but mine spent their lives working normal jobs. I don’t think our parents’ lives are much better than ours. Salaries in Spain are what they are and always have been, we have never been a prosperous country with many good offers. Now young people are leaving and when our parents were young it was a bit the same, they became independent after many years of work. Only now it affects more people.
Does fast life come with high expectations?
Yes, actually most of the problems are psychological and create anxiety from networks. They have created expectations for our lives that are not realistic. There is no perfect life, we all go up and down.
At least mental health is being talked about now
Especially after the pandemic, because we opened up to asking for more psychological help. For my parents going to a psychologist was crazy and now it is understood that you may need help. I go to a psychologist and it’s fair to say, it’s good to have another perspective to face problems. Seeing a psychologist will make your life better, like eating healthy or exercising. Why would you hide it, you should be encouraging people who need help to go to therapy.
What is it like to be a role model for many young girls in this world at only 23 years old?
I try to instill good things in others so it doesn’t get in the way. If for a moment this person has noticed you, it is better to present positive things to him. It’s not that I’m a public person and I don’t feel pressure about what I put on my networks, but I try to contribute positive things.

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