“No one is too bad and no one is too good”

Jose Ortega Cano He was the main character again this Sunday on Telecinco. But this time on my own accord. And it is that the right-hander did the surprise when he intervened live in the it’s summer to talk openly about their marital crisis with Anna Maria Aldon. The one that led the bullfighter to more than one clash with the Mediaset chain, for which he even said he was close to ending his life.

Ana Maria Aldon responded to Rosa Villacastin’s attacks without meeting face to face: “You don’t know me”

I know more

This Sunday, however, he turned to her to be reconciled with his wife. He did it after a call The anisehis brother-in-law who called directly on veronica dulanto asking the program to contact Ortega Cano. And so it happened, because the presenter took the mobile, freed his hands and gave way to the bullfighter, who began to speak to the silence of those present. Including Ana Maria Aldon herself, who was not frightened by her husband’s statements.

“You must excuse me for appearing on television again. It’s not very pleasant for me to talk all the time, but when it comes to the topic you’re talking about, I’d like to balance things out,” began Ortega Cano, who spoke to his wife but did not finish addressing her directly. . “No one is very bad, and no one is very good, but we are all what God wants: regular. We’ll leave it in the middle.”

“In this medium term,” continued the husband of Dew Sworn, “In the family, we must get along as well as possible. There is no other solution. And her family with my daughter and her daughter too. Let there be no bad emotions because life is very short and in life everything comes to an end. It’s not worth it to be on one side in such a house. If she says everything is fine, then all this is not so good when there is no dialogue between her and me. I don’t know if it’s my fault or his, but that’s the way it is“.

“Things are getting out of hand”

“I’m old and I’ve been through a lot in my life,” he continued. “I would like to be as calm as possible and not have such moments. Besides, everyone gets their opinion one way or another. I wish from now on we realize, first me and then she, that we are dragging some children, both small and older children, and we need a good coexistence and verbal dialogue so that we can from now on be an orderly family, not messy family as it is now. And I say that about myself,” he emphasized below.

“I would like us all to turn 180 degrees without forcing anyone. If my daughter Gloria has a problem with it, I will try to avoid it in the future. And I say the same to the others that we are all doing our jobs because things are getting out of hand and we shouldn’t continue like this. We should be a family and there should be good harmony between us”he asked before Verónica Dulanto took the floor and gave way to Ana María Aldón, who in an awkward moment preferred to remain silent.

“Unforgettable things happened”

Dulanto then went public with the hope that the associate would finally speak up. And he did, though he delivered the odd rebuke along the way. For example, he said that “marriage is a matter of two people in some cases, but in other cases there are too many people” and reproached Ortega Cano for leaking information to trusted journalists. “They already care Barrientos Pigeon Y Beatriz Cortázar let’s say we have no communication, the people in your circle are very well informed”. “It’s that they know a lot about life and marriage and are very knowledgeable, in addition to being very good people.”

Through it all, Ortega Cano said he is a “noble person” who is affected by “everything in a very strong way,” including his current marital crisis. “What I feel the most is the fact that I’m at home and it’s like I don’t exist in the sense of both, I’m not talking only about myself, that we have this silence and we don’t have communication one way or another” , assured before saying he still feels something special about his wife: “I’m still in love with Ana María because that’s what I carry inside meI carry it deep inside me, I love her very much, at some point I may have had a small slip with a word or something, but what we lacked is communication and dialogue, I hope after today it is no longer the case”.

“A lot has happened and these are things that cannot be forgotten, but despite everything we are the parents of a child who should look after us in the best possible way, but we are the two who make decisions, but not at eighteen. I’m glad you came in with that tone, because I don’t like to see you upset or angry,” Ana Maria finally said, visibly moved, and after insisting that the program of her marriage was the lack of “communication” and that therefore there should be more a “dialogue” between her and Ortega Cano.

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