“It’s a disease like many others,” says the monkeypox patient who decided to warn on the networks

September 3, 2022, 10:05 am

September 3, 2022, 10:05 am

JG, 34, independent consultant. He contracted monkeypox and, in addition to going to a health center to confirm the virus, He decided to announce through his social media accounts that he was suffering from monkeypox. Far from hiding, he prefers to speakso that the disease ceases to be taboo and its contagion is stopped more quickly.

He has no objections and prefers to legitimize himself to talk about a disease without being ashamed of it, but respecting the right to privacy, intimacy and dignity of patients, this medium keeps his identity a secret. “Hiding identities is more harmful and counterproductive”says he is ready to share his experience and provide information, because in silence, in reserve, doubts and misinformation multiply, and the one who wins is the virus.

If there’s anything wrong with this new disease (the disease was discovered in the 1950s but has spread rapidly around the world in recent months), it’s the pain it causes. The vesicles scattered over the body may dry up and disappear within a few days, but there are others that do not. Their development is uneven. Those that grow cause unbearable pain, which in the case of JG, they had it without sleep for several days (at night for some reason the pain is stronger). It was because of the pains that he had to enter the hospital to be controlled, although without much success.

What made you seek medical attention? what symptoms did you have?

The symptoms appeared a few days after the doubt, not everyone cares, with me it happened a little in the opposite way. First I got the sores, then the glands swelled up, and then I went through fevers, chills, backaches, and headaches (usually that comes first).

-Have you ever heard of monkeypox? or was he familiar to you?

Obviously, I’m always looking for information on various topics, included those related to health.

– What does the test consist of? would you say it is painful or uncomfortable?

There are two samples, one blood and the other consisting of a swab from the throat and the gall bladder (the name given to the sores) which is most prominent or affected.

– What did you think after they confirmed you had smallpox?

Well, nothing, it’s a disease like many others, I just thought I’d start treatment and try to get better as soon as possible.

– Did you use the private practice or the health system?

It was all thanks to the community health centers and people who deal with the problem, like Jean Pierre Mendoza (now he is my friend) and Dr. Karen Araneda, they were the ones who helped me. SUS (Universal Health Insurance) provides all medicines free of charge.

– Would you say you had good follow-up and medical care?

Yes indeed, the problem is a little in that it is a new disease. Both the public and private systems lack experience with this disease and may misdiagnose at first.

– What did the protocol tell you?

The first thing they see is that you can complete the isolation for a period of 21 days, this disease is not super contagious per se, but there are stages where it is more contagious and that is the danger of it.

– How many people did you have to tell about your infection to do a good follow-up? how was it received?

I have informed all people, especially on social media, so that they know that they can consult me ​​for anything.

– Are you isolated at home or in a health center?

I have 9 more days, I did mixed.

– How was the evolution?

It’s painful because andThere are areas where the blisters hurt much more. Not all develop the same, so there are some that last a few days and dry up, while others grow and cause excruciating pain that kept me awake for several nights. The pain is so bad that I had to go to the hospital to get it under control and they still couldn’t, even the strongest serums and painkillers didn’t help. it feels like the skin is permanently burned. AndIt just waits for each vesicle to go through its various stages until it disappears.

– What medicines were you taking?

I don’t think it’s right to talk about it to prevent people from self-medicating, if there are doubts or you have had very close contact, especially sexual, with a positive result, get tested. Currently, there is no specific treatment for the disease and a combination of tablets and creams is used.

-Infections have multiplied rapidly, surely Santa Cruz will have more and more cases, what about those who are currently sick and the new ones that appear?

I hope they are lucky, because not all areas hurt equally, be very careful with hygiene, disinfection of the vesicles so that they do not multiply in many places.

-And what about the general public? What should you do about smallpox and friends or relatives who may be infected?

The disease is not very contagious except at the stage when the vesicles are tender. Be careful with disinfection. Above all, to those who are suspected to be positive, I say that in order not to develop this, try to understand (true information, not opinions or fake news) about it and also keep in mind that it is a disease, do not make it a source of shame for anyone, so that absurd prejudices do not arise about it.

It’s just another disease and you don’t need to be ashamed of it. I know of a case of a villager who is positive and whose family did not want to go for testing or go to a health center for fear of what they will say, such stupidity on the part of people is not necessary today and never. Fortunately, this person is now on the mend and I was able to help her a bit on social media.

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