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In recent weeks, the driver ingrid coronado grabbed the headlines thanks to the premiere of his book called Woman: Defeat yourself, love yourself and turn on your feminine poweralbeit due to a legal conflict she has with her former partner Charlie Lopez.

He is also said to have filed a child support case against the deceased. Fernando del Solarwith whom he had one of the most popular relationships in the world of entertainment more than 10 years ago.

However, the couple had an ending that was embroiled in controversy thanks to the fact that at the time, Del Solar was battling lung cancer. who surprised him in 2012. We tell more about their relationship.

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar: This is how their love story began

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar they met 20 years agowhen they both share game show credits the sexes at warwhere, as its name suggests, men and women were faced with a series of games and challenges to choose which gender was the winner of the show.

The show ran for three years, from 2002 to 2005; but then Ingrid was still married to Charlie Lopez -from whom she divorced in 2004- so she and Fernando only had a good friendship that escalated to become each other’s best friends and confidants.

Love is confirmed in Venga la Alegría

By 2006, both coincided again, now in the morning joy came, where they will spend more time together and showcase their chemistry; There were even times when Fernando del Solar joked with Ingrid, hinting at a romantic relationship, despite the fact that at the time he was engaged to presenter Yvette Hernandez.

However, love caught up with them, so in 2008after the Argentinian model also ended up with Yvette, They confessed to the cameras in the morning Aztec TV that they met.

“It was a friendship we built over eight years. She was my best friend, I told her about my love affairs, my disappointments, my good things and she did the same and we only saw each other as friends“. said Fernando del Solar on Jul 13, 2008.

At that time the announcer also I was already 12 weeks pregnantso the emotion with which the news was told was twofold.

Thanks to the speed with which events happened – the breakup with Hernandez and the courtship with Coronado – from the beginning of their relationship there was speculation of Del Solar’s infidelity Just with your colleague.

Long live the bride and groom! The wedding of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

In 2011, Fernando shared in the same program in which he worked that he proposed to Ingrid Christmas before and months after became parents for the second time.

Around May of that year entered into a civil marriage at an event attended by few people, mostly family and people very close to the couple. They couldn’t do it because of the church, as Ingrid had previously married Charlie Lopez, but the driver confessed joy came some details about their union.

We received the blessing of a father who came into the housebefore the blessing there was a civil ceremony, a judge came and married us; there were no voices, but there were a few wordsshe also told me some divine words and we cried”, he shared on this occasion.

Cancer diagnosis and marital crisis

Just a year after the wedding, Del Solar was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a form of lung cancer for which he had to retire from television for a time; not only on joy camealso from The Academyas he had just been chosen to host the tenth edition of reality show.

While the driver was off the air, Ingrid mentioned that she would support him anytime for which he conducted his treatment; He was absent from the media for two years until he reappeared in 2014 to participate in another TV Azteca show.

At that time, it was already rumored that the couple had a lot of friction and that the situation between the two began to get complicated due to cancer.

2015: The breakup arrives

After he was married for four yearsduring which three battled the lung cancer of the driver, who died aged 49, in 2015 it was reported in a show program on the same television that they had decided to end their story.

At the time, some media and supporters of the couple pointed out to Ingrid Coronado that she did not continue to accompany her ex-husband in his fight against his illness, although the same driver revealed during an edition of Related stories that Fernando del Solar was the one who asked for a divorce.

“He asked me it’s not easy to carry an illness, but that wasn’t the problem. There were other external factors it complicated the relationship between him and me and it started to get more and more complicated,” Ingrid admitted.

Their relationship is said to have ended in a great quarrel between them; however, both are said to have had a cordial relationship, mainly due to the children they shared: Luciano and Paolo.

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